Happy Birthday America

The Last Great Hope of Mankind, the Shining city on the Hill…

Happy Birthday, America

Fire trucks,high school marching bands, parades, BBQ, fireworks at night…:slight_smile:

Oh, yes! Happy Fourth of July!

Oh, yes! Happy Fourth of July![/quote]

Thank you fee! :rainbow:

I think a better list would have been: hamburgers, beer, hot dogs, kielbasa, Polish sausage, beer, potato salad, macaroni salad, brownies, Sox game on the TV, beer, $2 visors and $4 sunglasses, swimming at the lakeside cabin, sunburns on all those little places you forgot to put sunscreen, 5AM games of .45s (random New England card game), beer, cotton candy, beachside arcades, waiting in the parking lot during a beautiful sunset with a mint cholocalte chip milkshake in your hand, and some more beer.

Sitting at the night market by myself with a Kirin and a bowl of 當歸羊肉湯 doesn’t quite cut it.

Let me be the VERY FIRST (EVER) to wish you a happy fourth of July, Mr U! S! A!

Some 4th of July pic’s as I find them…

American prisoners of war celebrate the 4th of July in the Japanese prison camp of Casisange in Malaybalay, on Mindanao, P.I. It was against Japanese regulations and discovery would have meant death, but the men celebrated the occasion anyway." July 4, 1942.

Jessica says “Happy Independence Day!”

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