Happy Birthday to the Indispensible Nation

May America continue to lead the world towards greater democracy and peace. May God watch over the greatest country in the history of civilization.


Bit premature? I thought you guys usually rocked up late?

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I’ve already heard fireworks going off and it’s only the 3rd.




They’re all indispensable. I do not like running when amok, even when occupying the high ground.

Let’s hope for more freedom…but not too much, f’youknowwhutImean, in the coming year.

Troll over. :man_dancing:

We lead the world towards greater democracy? The US destabilized or overthrew many democratically elected governments during the 20th century. Look up the 1953 Iranian coup orchestrated by the CIA to begin with, but there’s plenty of examples to pull from. As for peace? We sure didn’t leave Vietnam, Iraq, or Libya in a better place than we found it.

Okay, now I know you’re having a laugh.

It could be argued that defeating Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and the Soviet Union led to the establishment of quite a few democracies.


For every argument, there’s a counter argument.

The defeat of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan is over a lifetime ago. We can’t rest on those laurels forever.

As for Soviet Russia… Russia is on the ascendance again in a way that shows it was down, but not out. It may not be under communist rule, but its sphere of influence is growing by the day.

The US has done some good. But it’s also done a lot of bad. As for it being the greatest country on Earth? I could get into the subjectivity of such a sweeping statement when there’s so many different criteria of greatness to account for, but I’ll simply ask why any of us are living in Taiwan if it’s so great?


Hegemons generally promote peace and a liberal economic order. The US promotes democracy. Sometimes we overthrow democracies, and sometimes we install it where it doesn’t help (e.g. Hamas). Depends on whether realists, neocons, etc. are in charge of foreign policy.

The U.S. is the longest-standing democracy in the world. It has been the most successful in creating a common identity based on freedom (this administration notwithstanding). Not to mention defeating totalitarian regimes abroad.

In any case, it’s 4th of July in six hours. Stop peeing in everyone’s Cheerios!

A lifetime ago is not far away from us at all.

Not saying USA did a fantastic job in bringing peace&democracy to every nation, but Taiwan has quite a lot to thank for.



This was your alleged president yesterday on Twitter:

Many good conversations with North Korea-it is going well! In the meantime, no Rocket Launches or Nuclear Testing in 8 months. All of Asia is thrilled. Only the Opposition Party, which includes the Fake News, is complaining. If not for me, we would now be at War with North Korea!


The same U.S.A. that made it possible for Taiwan to exist as a thriving democracy? Happy 4th of July to you too. :kissing_heart:


OK, but #fuckthecurrentUSadminstration just doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?

Free pizza for lunch #lovetheusa

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After your last hashtag, all you get is a Trump Tower taco bowl.

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If you end with that silly acronym, it discounts every solid point you may have made before. :roll_eyes:

But it’s… so much fun! :bowl_with_spoon:

Good, solid and balanced rebuttal. I believe what I wrote before, but I had just finished sharing a bottle of wine so I was a bit… well… inebriated and feeling somewhat trollish at the time. Now I’m paying for it a bit, just like our allies when they trust us too much! I won’t further soil your cereal, at least in this thread. Enjoy the holiday.


Why is Trump smiling like a high schooler who just got laid for the first time?

You never saw a troll smile before? :grin:


Sure. I guess when it’s on a slightly obese 70 year old in a suit about to dig into a taco bowl it throws me off a bit.

It makes more sense when you see the next scene where he dumps the taco bowl in the trash and has a cheeseburger.

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He doesn’t have “a” cheeseburger. He has two, maybe three, so many cheeseburgers. :hamburger::hamburger::hamburger::hamburger:

Every meal begins with the first cheeseburger. I think it’s an ancient Chinese proverb or something.

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