Happy Chanukah! 2010 (5771)

Original countdown started by Northcoast Surfer last year. I hope he does it again…
Chanukah is coming soon. This year it’s December 1-9.

I’d like to Mark it this year but I can’t find a Menorah. I’m thinking of making my own but I have a question about candles. In my family, white candles are a big No No. The only other kind of candles, the thin Hanuka like ones are marked with some Buddhist markings. I asked my wife if they would be OK to use and she said that there is no Buddhist taboo about using the candles for other purposes. What bout from the Jewish perspective.

What are the rules about a menorah? Can it be made of anything? Is the only requirement that the middle candle be higher than the others?

This year Chanukah begins at sundown on December 1, 2010 (Kislev 25, 5771)

[color=#FF0000]Sundown in Taiwan: 5:03pm[/color]

Second evening

[color=#FF0000]Sundown in Taiwan: 5:03pm[/color]

Third evening

[color=#FF0000]Sundown in Taiwan: 5:03pm[/color]

I thought this was so cute!

video.yahoo.com/network/10006348 … =100063517

By the “Maccabeats”

[quote=“housecat”]I thought this was so cute!

video.yahoo.com/network/10006348 … =100063517

By the “Maccabeats”[/quote]I like it!
Here’s one of my favorites.

Adam Sandler - The Chanukah Song!


Fourth evening

[color=#FF0000]Sundown in Taiwan: 5:04pm[/color]

In case anyone needs a 4-minute History Channel summary of the holiday.


Thank you zender. I didn’t know that stuff.

Fifth evening

[color=#FF0000]Sundown in Taiwan: 5:04pm[/color]

Sixth evening

[color=#FF0000]Sundown in Taiwan: 5:04pm[/color]

This is like one of those great action movies that has a countdown for a climax. :discodance:

You think you know where it’s going and how it’s going to end, but the suspense just keeps building and building! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Seventh evening

[color=#FF0000]Sundown in Taiwan: 5:04pm[/color]

Eighth evening

[color=#FF0000]Sundown in Taiwan: 5:04pm[/color]

If anyone would like have the virtual Menorah that I used to make the daily animated Menorah for this year’s Chanukah, just PM me with your regular email address and I’ll send you a copy. I have it in two formats, Flash Shockwave and Flash Shockwave imbedded in Excel. I’ll send you both. Happy Chanukah everyone! :bow:

And it’s a lot easier to clean up after than mine!!
Thanks for taking us through the days, bro!

Just curious. How come the sun down timing didn’t change??

Happy Chanukah!

It changed from 5:03 at the beginning to 5:04

[quote=“divea”]Just curious. How come the sun down timing didn’t change??[/quote]I used the website Time and Date to get my sunrise and sunset information for Taiwan. Pretty cool webpage. Check it out!

Yes but doesn’t it change everyday? :ponder:
okay checked it on the net, it doesn’t.hmmmmm