Hilarious. All that I wrote elicits no response whatsoever, but his little sarcastic one-liner merits your “conclusion”.[/quote][/quote]

And I think we can all learn something from that!!!

We certainly can. Idiopolis…Idiocracy - whatever it’s called - was right on the money.

They already had the antz, the bears, sharks, lions and such…so why not Koalas. They’re cute

We certainly can. Idiopolis…Idiocracy - whatever it’s called - was right on the money.[/quote]

I don’t watch TV/films. The penguin thing was 'cos a friend’s kids wanted to see it. I’m sure your remark was super-cutting and astute though. Maybe I’ll google it. :wink:

I thought there were a lot of good messages in the movie - be yourself, protect the environment, don’t rely on superstition.

However the story telling was really horrible. There were so many uncomfortable moments in the plot where you had to just assume what happened, and especially for a kids movie, thats too much dependence on the viewer’s creativity.

What motivated mumble to reject the girl? I guess he felt she wasn’t accepting of him enough even though she was expressing her love, I’m not sure a kid would understand that complicated aspect of relationships.

Mumble starts going crazy in the aquarium, then starts to dance for a kid, then he is back in antarctica, with no explanation of how he got there. Dont forget, they didnt get him from there, he had washed up on a beach- how did they find his home spot so easily?

The other penguins were assholes. They rejected him then took him back right away, no explanation. They seemed to totally hate him and then he starts to dance (just as before) and now their into it? Same with his father?

Also I thought the choices of songs were really odd, and so disjointed it was weird.

I also thought it was weird to start the movie so -happy-go-lucky- and then BAM introduce a bunch of preachy messages, they could have done it much more subtly and from the start.

Oh and also I thought it was lame that they used live action actors for the humans and then CG for everything else, very ugly and lazy of them.

I wish Robin Williams would stop doing voices, they all sound like robin williams doing a voice… not like a unique character. He was great in aladin but thats enough thanks.

Also how did that transmitter attach to mumble’s back? It looks like they welded it onto his feathers…

Why did mumble never fully molt into the adult colors? I thought he might at the very end, that would have been satisfying, maybe as he did the final dance the remaining baby feathers could have fallen off so that the last thing we see is a fully adult mumble.