Happy Hour for Forumosans based in Hong Kong

It seems there a couple of members to this forum based in Hong Kong.
Would it be an idea to get together for Happy Hour ?
Who currently lives in HK ?

I’m free!

I would definitely prefer a Friday night. Maybe our man Jack could let us know when he;s about?


Can I be a virtual attendee? To get in the spirit I’ll sit here in my shrimp fishing enterprise in a fur coat speaking in an annoyingly high-pitched nasal Canto whine (as a Kiwi, it won’t take much work :laughing: ) and drinking lots of … beer (insert H.K. beer).

Cheers. Word of warning: don’t try “retaking” the colony after you get pissed up - the PLA is not known for its sense of humor. Likewise, don’t buy - whilst stocking up in the nearest Wellcome - a bag of flour and force some homeless coolie to smoke it; opium den performance art is frowned upon.

Have fun drunkards.

I propose we take turns reading chunks of the Odyssey to an empty chair in your honour! We’d certainly fill a glass for you. But please, no Canto whining!


I’m still trying to organize a horse racing junket.

The Doc said: [quote]I’m still trying to organize a horse racing junket.[/quote]
I would like to make a joke about Hong Kong’s Happy Valley and vaginas but I’m either too stupid or too pissed (or both).

The Marsupial wrope: [quote]I propose we take turns reading chunks of the Odyssey to an empty chair in your honour![/quote]

Sounds good. I’ve always found that I’ve had the best response from my invisible friends.

Anyway, I’ll be passing through Hong Kong next year and expecting to rope-a-dope together a few die-hards for a big one. Put your L-word (i.e. liver) into training.


You can blow a wad in Happy Valley.

I haven’t been to Macau since they built the new casinos. The last time I went, I did the Hong Kong track on Saturday night and then the Macau one on Sunday afternoon. Then I played the slots a little, but I kept hearing geese hissing at me. So strange.

:raspberry: Oh, now you have a happy hour; now that I’m safely trapped on the wrong side of the border.