Happy Leap Day!

It only comes around once every 4 years…so how are you going to spend your leap day?

i’m going to play “Fur Elise” really loud through my Casio keyboard while swatting mosquitos and buzzing by the betelnut girls on my 50 cc “Man Boy - Enjoy Yourself” scooter. Yee Haw!!!
smashy crashy

I plan on spending it doing a couple of leaps.

Can you imagine? It completely passed me by. I only realized today. What a waste :s

What happens to people born on that day? In terms of birthdays, I mean…

Sadly, they usually die young. Life expectancy of only about 18 birthdays.

I wish I had seen this thread sooner, but I was too busy getting down with my bad self… :beer:

I spent a good three or four days celebrating my birthday this year–first with the co-workers, then the jiu-jitsu buddies, and then the girlfriend.

On non-leap years I mark the occasion on the last day of February, though I can usually be talked into stretching the party into March 1.

It’s nice to be 9 all over again.

I don’t know…I’ve heard of leap-day babies who have lived to see their 20th birthday…but that might just be a rumo(u)r.