Happy Marian

Anybody with experience working for a Happy Marian branch? Especially the Yen Ping branch in Taipei. Thanks.

I don’t work for Happy Marian(sp?), but I have a couple of friends who do. I’ve heard nothing but bad reports about the treatment of staff, and so whatever your query is involving this company, I advise you to be careful. Send me a PM if you are having any kind of trouble finding out about HM in detail, and I’ll put you in touch with someone who can tell you more about it. I think there should be people here who can help you though.


I’ve never worked there either but over the years have met several people who worked there and seemed happy enough. Not that it was perfect by any stretch. Just that they had found a branch where the management didn’t cause them too many headaches and they were happy with their class situation. Which is about the most you can ask for from any buxiban. Let us know what more you find out about it as well!