Happy Moon Festival 2022, will you have a BBQ?

I hope they choose good places for you !

Had a fun BBQ with my boyfriend and his family here in Hualian. Food was good, the karaoke was fun to watch (I didn’t join in), nobody got too drink, and it wrapped up by 5:30. One of the best things is that no one smoked, likely because the BBQ was at my boyfriend’s house. I can’t complain at all; it was a really pleasant Moon Festival.


I had a great time. My 大樓 conveniently happens to have its own BBQ table on the roof, so we decided to make use of it and have an impromptu BBQ.

Only 4 of us, which I preferred to the usual 20 or so. It was also a nice change to be a breezy14 floors up. Our usual spot is the river park.

And i gotta say, chinese sausage and BBQed sliced bread is a winner.
Didn’t see too many others BBQing though, has it cooled off in recent years or is it just the new neighborhood I’m in?


Nice to do it on the roof !

Just make sure you’re on the top.

I also feel it cooled off in recent years.

So will use it this year too, I hope so!