Happy Mother's Day

What do the locals usually write in Mother’s Day cards? I need to know before this weekend.

i dunno. probably 母親節快樂

You can write in many ways

For example

“Mother, thank you to care during this year
I thank you so much !
wish you healthy in body to you and Happy Mother’s Day”

If the card is addressed to someone of an older generation, I suggest using 您 instead of 你/妳.

Thanks. It’s actually for a peer (late thirty something). What TPOTO wrote looks good, though it’s going to take me from now to Sunday to learn to write it coherently.

Are you sure you want to write that to a peer? Has she been “taking good care of you all throughout the year”? Or is it more than a peer? The wording is fairly personal. Of course, you’ll need to change the 媽媽 salutation either way.

That’s nice if it’s convenient for you
If you have hard time with write
You can post a reply please
Because I can improve English by this way :smiley:
Beside, I am sorry it’s looks salutation not enough.
But it’s locals usually write the phrases ways with salutation and polite

Good luck ~

This particular peer, yes.

Absolutely. For almost the last three years in fact.

I mean ‘peer’ as in ‘age peer’, around my age (just a few years older), and ‘fairly personal’ describes our relationship well. My wife and I are very close to her and her family. Definitely a 你 relationship.

Actually I usually call her 姐姐, but in this case 媽媽 will be fine. You should see what she writes in her cards to me.

:slight_smile: I’ll think that need to change.
Because I didn’t know situation with your sister
(mother) before when I write

Therefore , I want changes some wording if you agree

You can write what do you want to say for her

and I will help to translation mean of Suitable with Chinese for you.

Is it ok ?

Sure, go right ahead. She’s unrelated to me, and I call her my older sister, and she calls me her younger brother, but I want to give her a mother’s day card anyway just for looking after me so well. I’ll call her my older sister in the card.

I want to say something like this:

[quote]Dear older sister,

Happy Mother’s Day! I wish you good health and a happy year.

Thanks for taking such good care of me this year. You’re a lovely sister to me, and a wonderful mother.

Love always,
Little brother.[/quote]

OK , I have completed the translation for you !

:slight_smile: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :bravo: :slight_smile:

I have some explanations for you in write

和藹可親:make amiable.
劬(ㄑㄩˊ、chiˊ)勞顧復:Hard-working to care and help.
福如東海:The good fortune , in compliance with East China Sea.
大吉大利:Most favorable auspices.

:slight_smile: You can give this letter for her with most to awe.

You can Consults me if you have Wording cannot write.

:slight_smile: Good Luck

Thank you very much for that. Now I just have to make sure I write it correctly. :notworthy:

HA HA :smiley:

You let me know a lot of new English words

I have improve a lot

So , I will thank you very much too :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We can make friends for help each other Practice and learn languages :smiley: