Happy Singles Day! Good hunting (shopping)!


Best wishes. May your credit cards be strong enough.


Centenary of the end of WW1, too.


In the name of peace, do your bit for the economy.


Can’t buy anything on PChome - get a constant “system busy” message when I get to the shopping cart

Been trying for 20 minutes, complete waste of time


Asked the Taiwanese female friend next to me about it. She knows nothing.

Seems like a missed commercial opportunity for Taiwan businesses.


Cream set of 3 normal prize 3000 something NTD. On sale 2500 NTD. Today extra 15% off for a total of 2100 BAD. Happy camper.


Alibaba sold over US$30B in 24 hours.


Taiwan awareness of this celebration is also increasing


Another purely commercial invention!


Well … :roll_eyes:


Shopping spree now starts in November, with 11/11 and fiscal year end sales, goes on in December because Christmas and slides easily into Chinese New Year. :happyrunningaround:


Get your CC ready!