Happy Tanabata (七夕情人節 Valentine's Day) *heart*

Give your love a hug/ kiss or card/notes or e-hug


Isn’t this July 7th?


2021 date 14 August
2022 date 4 August
2023 date 22 August
(Tanabata - Wikipedia)

If you celebrated last month you get a double holiday.

Valentine’s day is 2/14…7/7 and now 8/4? Feels bad for the non-single.

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Yeah, was in 7-Eleven last night and there were at least 20 single red roses in nice plastic rectangular container that one could buy, with the accompanying advertisement for this day.

A kiss (or more)is free, easy and quite pleasant, not much planning required.

haha, I saw a guy looking at Condoms at local Family when I walked by he pretended to look a toothbrush. Maybe he was preparing

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Well… both are essential. You won’t get to the condom-part if you’re kissing her with rank breath.

Dental health is important! :grin:


I guess Taipei did fireworks Valentines Day celebrations last weekend.

CDC sent reminder out today about condoms and lubricants.

Apparently Taiwan condoms can carry two people and they are rocket powered.

"Tanabata is coming

In addition to expressing each other’s hearts to protect each other with gifts, you should also use condoms and water-based lubricants correctly when enjoying intimate behaviors, stay away from AIDS, and get closer to happiness."