Happy Thoughts

Ok. After reading the abuse on cats thread, I read the rubber band thread. And I was feeling way more than a bit sad. :frowning: I didn’t even go near mordeth’s almost becoming a veggie thread. Enough is enough for me today.

So, even though I don’t have a recent pic of my baby, I’m going with a happy story instead.

I just got back from Bangkok yesterday and my little moo followed me everywhere. Then, to top it all off, he took a nap with me today curled up in my arms and every so often giving me little kisses. :smiley: I love my cat and he gives me more happiness than most people I know! (I know a bit mushy…)

So, come on guys and gals, share a happy moment so that when I enter this forum, I see some good things, too!

***I’m not discounting rescue efforts at all here. I just wanna hear about some mundane happiness! :wink:

Huh! Mine sulks for days when I come back from vacations.

I just came back from Bangkok also, and all I could think was how bloody lucky Taiwan is to have the likes of Stray Dog and Bobepine (among others)!

Absolutely superb work, chaps.


Two weeks ago a few of us were going to return a dog where we found him, on the street. He would have been our fourth CNR case. On the way to the animal hospital, one of our dog walker volunteer was crying in the car, and all of us felt quite helpless. We had been procrastinating about this for over a months already, it finally had to be done.

On our way out of the hospital, we ran into Maggie and Joseph. They are the founders of www.savedogs.org When we told Maggie that we were taking Rascal to the streets, she offered to do her best to find Rascal a home in the USA. She had flights booked for August 6th and one spot available for one animal. She got on this right away and within two days, she had found a home for Rascal.

Happy thoughts? We received an email last night from this guy Mike who adopted Rascal. He’s got one of the dream homes for dogs. (He has two dogs now) You know the country homes with the flappy little door that lets the dogs go in and out of the house as they please. He also sent pictures and he informed us that things are going very well. Both dogs slept on his bed two nights ago. Rascal is right at home already.

Mike has a son too, and he sent us a picture of the little guy hugging Rascal, it was quite a happy moment. My heart melted.

Thanks for the happy thread yangdemei, and for the kind words, HG. :slight_smile:

Bobepine, could Mike adopt me too?

I woke up this morning and opened my eyes to find myself looking right into the face of my blind cat who, if I didn’t know it was impossible, I’d swear was sitting there staring right at me. That was the first thing that made me smile today… there’ve been about 100 other little things since then though.

[quote=“gaboman”]Bobepine, could Mike adopt me too?

You’d have to be neutered first. And house-trained. :wink:

I dunno about the second one, but I’m married, so the first isn’t an issue.

Just kidding.

'nother thing that made me happy today was watching my enormous, but extremely shy, rottweiler/schnauzer mix waddle her way down the stairs. Always adorable.

I like watching my 80 pound dog use my 180 pound dog as his own personal fur sleeping mat/chair. Bobepine, can you post some of those pictures that you just told us about?

Watching my 2 dogs stumble around the house and play with the 3 cats with cones on their heads. They just got fixed. They have now started to use them to their advantage by doing a pinning move on the cats.

Seeing my 15 1/2 yr. old dog trotting happily in front of me as we head out for walkies makes my day every time. We thought we were going to lose her 4 yrs. ago when she stopped eating and was finally diagnosed with Cushings Disease. She had some rough days but in the last 2 yrs. has really bounced back. Walks with her husky-mix tail plume waving in the air.

Sure, here’s Rascal, on August sixth at the Airport:

And here’s Rascal making himself at home in LA. :slight_smile:

Beautiful! :bravo: