Happy Winter Solstice!

This year’s Winter Solstice in Taiwan is precisely 12:19pm on Sunday December 22nd.

Beginning December 23rd, the days will start getting longer with more hours of daylight! Party on!



This is better than Christmas.


I so look forward to returning to the days when it’s not already pitch black outside by the time I’m off work!


It’s the reason for the season.

I was back in Canada in June and loved those long twilights- then remembered the flip side


If we could just get rid of the dark clouds in Taipei so the sky could brighten up.

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Hello from Seattle…

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No kidding. It’s damned dark in Seattle these days, and that ain’t all…https://www.counton2.com/news/national-news/record-rain-darkness-seattle-braces-for-floods-mudslides/.

But it also gets light at 4:30. Not a fan of that.

Jesus has exited the chat.

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I tell people my favourite holiday is Computex. They look at me funny.

Recognised by the Church of Marco, where we moderately moderate.


Happy Winter Solstice 2020!

The days will slowly start to get longer as we get closer to warmer weather and less rainy days, I hope.

So everyone take heart and eat your 湯圓 whilst enjoying 冬至!




I’m 54 and a half years old today.

Halfway there since I aim to live to be 109.

Here’s to the next 54.5 years.


Also this is bullshit. The darkest night awakens in a cold and rainy morning. Bit like today.


Aw, did that blonde girl leave your glass half empty?

Just remember the sun is shining behind those rainclouds! :sun_behind_rain_cloud: :grinning:

Why did you have to bring her up on my half birthday? Why?

I still use her birthday as my PIN number. :sleepy:

Which is why I was happy last Friday morning was kind of nice. Friday is the only morning I have to get up early, and that was the last one before the days start getting longer again. At least that one day Taipei’s weather was mildly agreeable for what would otherwise have been the darkest (literal, not emotional) morning of my year.