Happy Year of the Chicken!

Yay! I’m the first person to post in the year of the chicken!!! :sunglasses:

新年快樂 to Everyone!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Maybe this will be the first post of mine to get floundered too…

Damn, now I see that Fox posted 2 minutes earlier than me in the IP forum. That sneaky Fox. I should have been faster. Oh, well. :idunno:

My chicken hasn’t clucked just yet. Sources close to the rooster says it still it’s the year of the duck.

The cock’s crowing outside now, but it’s rather a muted display. I’m sure he’ll have a more rousing and triumphant timbre when the Year of the Cockerel arrives tomorrow.

What?? Why did I think that CNY was on Tuesday? How embarrassing!! But that means I still have a chance to be the first one to post tonight!! :slight_smile:

Well it kind of is on Tuesday (today) because the big family get together is tonight - New Year’s Eve.


Because it’s a lunar calendar and not a solar one, it starts at the new moon, which is at 2228 UTC on Tuesday, or half past 6 on wednesday morning. Any celebrating before then is premature.

The rooster cluckith!

So is it ok to send out my generic “新年快樂” text message to all the people stored in my mobile phone now? Or should I wait until tomorrow (wed) during the day? I’ve only received one so far and that was at 9:30 pm. Usually I get a lot on CNY. I’m so confused.

It’s all good. Didn’t you read? The rooster clucked.

Happy Chicken year! Please be vegetarian!

No chickens, no cows, no pigs, no birds, no frogs, no turtles no killing… I love all animals. :bouncy: