Hard beds


As I said, my covers fit fine. That 2-3 cm isn’t going to make a difference.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


Almost tagged you in my comment. Figured it was coming sooner or later.


They had beds instead of desks and chairs?


Weird sizes 152.5 cm = 5 ft 0.04 inches
203.5 cm = 6 ft 8.12 inches


It’s a public secret, but the Westin Hotels have world famous mattresses, and they sell them if you ask for it.


Very good…a bit soft, but you kind of melt into them…snuggly


I’ve been sleeping on a hard Bamboo mat on the floor for well over a decade. I love it. All the discomfort is in your mind. Just need a solid surface below and proper position for the back and neck.


OP, maybe you just don’t have the right pillow. A pillow that supports your neck properly is very important to a good night’s sleep.


It also helps to have someone of the right shape to drape your leg over


They tend to get revenge , by placing ice-cold feet on you in the winter :face_with_raised_eyebrow::scream:


For all you floor/hard mattress sleepers, especially the women, are you exclusively back or stomach sleepers?
For rotator cuff/hips/boob-wrinkle reasons, I’ve beeb trying to teach myself to sleep on my back. It still hasn’t happened. I toyed with idea of getting rid of my bed, but kept it in case my mom visits (never does). As long as I still have a squishy bed, I think it won’t happen.
Any ideas?


But how cold are your feet ? :grin:


Someone had to say boob-wrinkle


Drinking copious amounts of alcohol helps with the pain . It seems to migrate from limbs to the head area by morning :drooling_face:


I can assure you it’s not all in my mind. I suppose it could be argued to be so, but only through a broader scope that includes all sensory perception as being “all in one’s mind,” a premise that really only lends itself to solipsism.

Do you want to say more about the proper positioning of back and spine? That’s more the type of info I’m after rather than willpower cures…


I fell asleep getting acupuncture today. Hard. Flat. Needles. I think I may have answered by own dilemma.


Good for you. My discomfort is in my back.


But it doesn’t help with the watering urge in the middle of the night!


If you are really drunk , and that happens , apparently an underwear drawer nearby , will substitute as a toilet …er… so I have been told. Of course I think that sounds unbelievable and terrible.