'Hard Dance' in Taipei?

Does it exist ? Are there any clubs with DJ’s playing …
UK HardHouse, NuNRG, HardTrance (Ian M, Paul Glazby, Defective Audio, OD404, RR Fierce, Tinrib, Karim, BK, Nick Sentience, Andy Farley, Chris C, Jon Doe, Lab4, etc) or …
Hardcore/Freeform (Kevin Energy, Sharkey, Lost Soul, Shanty, Tazz, Scott Brown, Dougal & Gammer, Two’s Company, K-Komplex etc) or …
Techno (Guy Mcaffer, DaveTheDrummer, Chris Liberator, Ant, Mark Tyler, Lawrie Immersion, Rowland The B@stard, etc) ?

I have not heard it yet in any of the clubs here. I think the closest you’ll get is catching a one-off Drum and Bass / Jungle party somewhere or hearing some driving progressive at Texound. The few times I went there, it was pretty empty, given the size of the place. I think the hard dance style is much more popular in Japan, or at Least Tokyo. I’ve heard that some record shops there stock hard dance more than progressive or tribal.

I tried a Bulgarian folk dancing class once. That was very hard dance indeed, and it was difficult to avoid inadvertently tripping up other dancers.

To be honest, I think an African tribal dance is harder … To much heel hitting and shuffling :shock:

Thanks for the reply apford. As I suspected :?

The best music playing is usually in my head!

Have you been to 2F? Or Luxy?

Yes, extreme dissapointments.

Here’s an example of what I’m after :smiling_imp:

Donald Glaude is coming this Friday to Luxy. The people’s DJ indeed!

QB, I just finished downloading your file…

If you want music with that TEMPO, head to the Lion King in Taoyuan. The music there is fast, the floor is spring loaded (very bouncy), the place is huge, all the kids are outta their heads, and there are fireballs the shoot out off the pillars!

If you want it bad enough, you’ll find it. Dig deeper. :smiling_imp:


This URL you shared peels off the wall, evaporates and drips from the ceiling wetting the brow.
Who is it?

Whereabouts is Taoyuan? I did a quick search on google for “Taoyuan” and “Lion King” and it seems to be listed in Taichung clubs generally? Haha…i also found this amusing article…
taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/ … /04/158912

“…she had heard the Lion King was the largest in Taiwan, with more than 1,000 customers a night.” :noway: 1000 a night!!!

Wow…is there an actual proper filthy rave scene in Taiwan? I just assumed that the clubs (texound and 2nd floor) were as underground as it got.

Any idea on where to look for listings/schedules for upcoming events/headliners to this Lion King club?

Quirky, you should hit me up on msn… smurf_hell@hotmail.com or just send me an email…do you have any knowledge about the existance of an underground/renegade scene? If so, i’ve been dying for something that isn’t just a clubnight… :smiley: