Hard to find things in common with Taiwanese girls

I’m not sure what you mean by the first bite, but I’m Christian and don’t believe in sex before marriage

Are you Asian? That guide was for Asian men it said.
How many dates do you expect to have when you think you will find ‘the one’?

I think you should chill out a bit and let things flow naturally rather than following some kind of strategy.


I’m an ABC

I’m pretty tired of dating, I’d rather just one of my dates work out so I don’t have to date anymore.

After I have a few kids my parents will stop bugging me

You should stop thinking this way first, then start dating. I think by then you’ll be more successful.

You’re dating right now like you’re climbing up a career ladder or trying to finish an MA degree. Or trying to get through a mountain of laundry this winter, LOL.


If your whole motivation for dating is getting your parents off your back, I don’t see this working out very well.


You should start looking for women at church then. I think there’s a match maker culture there also, so if you tell enough people they will help to match you with someone appropriate. There are also lots of platonic activities to get to know each other.


Wow. You have your date structure that engineered? What about just hanging out with someone for a few hours to see if you’re compatible?

I’m not familiar with this guide, but most of these “how to” dating guides i’ve ever browsed come off as so misguided. More often than not overgeneralizing all women as some monolithic group that is impressed by X, Y, and Z. Not so much as individual human beings.


Any suggestions for English-speaking hiking clubs in Taipei, please? Would be nice to know for the time when the weather gets better again


I think I’ve seen several on Meetup and Facebook but don’t remember the names - maybe you could try searching.

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I’m imagining a second date to “show the girl you are a good leader” as going one of two ways .

Cringey and overbearing.


Cringey and hysterical.


Also imagining a girl going back to her friends.

“He was handsome, fit, funny, charismatic, financially stable, everything. But…well… after that game of laser tag I just really don’t think he’s a good leader.”


I don’t know, if I feel like I gotta prove I’m something to some girls it would not be a date at all.

But then I tried to “naturally” date some girls and it never ever works out.

You thought someone you went on three dates with was “the one”?


I think this is very true, stories I hear from the office girls like "going out with mum is better than my strange date, or office lunches or coffee cafes are more interesting than my expensive dinner date. (my first date for last GF was cheap coffee shop where the teenage cashier said what does your husband want to a late 20’s girl which was a big ice breaker in a good way. So I think too much pre planning is not so good many times and just go with the flow.)


Do you own the mountain?

Yeah, my first response was, “Have you tried the sex thing?”

That’s not right, is it? @Omniloquacious


The way you’re going about this, I suggest you to consider arranged marriage or matchmaking services since attribute-matching is mostly what they do.

Also, since you’re organizing most of the dates, it would be unfair to judge the girls since you might be doing things out of their comfort zone (e.g. hiking). If one of the girls loves to ice-skate (and you suck at it) and that’s your first/second date, would you be able to have fun? It’s quite easy to get self-conscious in situations like these and that ruins the experience.


Ok. That explains a lot.

No further questions, your honor.


Best advice. If you see dating as a chore and sex before marriage is out of the question, then just have an agency do matchmaking. Probably the most efficient avenue.


Jesus, did he state that? Sounds like he misses his mom.

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“I was super-impressed on the first date when he whipped out a calculator from his pocket and keyed in his monthly income while simultaneously shouting it out so that everyone in the restaurant could hear. But on the next date in the cat cafe he didn’t take control of the situation at all - there was a tortoiseshell one who was clearly the alpha male. Then he shouted out his salary again and told me I might be ‘the one’, and everything just…went dry.”