Hardcore/punk gig in Kaohsiung, Fri 10 March

There’s a bunch of bands (mostly hardcore and punk) playing at ATT this Friday (10 March). I think one of the bands is from the US. Starts pretty early, around 8 or so I think.

ATT is off Jenguo Road (really close to the Train Station). If you are heading along Jenguo Road (towards Minzu side, coming from Jong Hua side) just before you get to the train station (about 200 metres before), you will see a Family Mart on the right side corner, and a small lane going right. Go down this lane, and you’ll see the sign for ATT Music Shop/Pub on the left, with some stairs going down. It’s there.

Get your asses down there and support some real bands!

The US band are called RAMBO… I have their Cd, it’s pretty good… Hardcore straight edge anarcho music… They are playing in Taichung and Taipei… Here are the dates:

03/10/2006 07:00 PM - ATT, Kaohsiung

03/11/2006 07:00 PM - Grooveyard, Tai Zhong

03/12/2006 07:00 PM - The Wall, Taipei

I just took that from their website… I don’t have any more information like prices or opening bands… I do know that the Taipei show will have Fei Ren Wu Chong and 88 Ballaz opening up… Also, there might be a surprise visit from another local Taipei punk band.

Their website: rambo.computershateme.org

Hey Jeff,
You just beat me to adding that info! Good one!
In Kaohsiung, Fire Ex, BRC and Ma Ho are supporting and I think BB Bomb, Semi-con and someone else are playing with them in Taichung.
350nt at the door in Khh@ATT, 3/10, 7pm
300nt at the door in Taichung@Grooveyard, 3/11
400nt at the door in Taipei@The Wall, 3/12

Hope some of you out there can come down and get blasted! Should be good! Good to see ya post that ish up Jon

I’m kinda bummed I missed this show. I had just arrived back in Taiwan and didn’t think to look what shows might be on. That one sounded ok!

I’m keen to check out any hardcore/punk/sXe/thug/metal shows, so I guess I should keep my eyes more closely on Forumosa in the future.