Hardware/DIY store

I’ve visited the ‘Far Eastern Hardware’ store, but a lot of their stuff is of the heavy industrial nature.

I’m looking for a wide range of things like cupboard hinges, screws, nuts, bolts, etc.

B and Q in Neihu?

B&Q in Hsien Tien or Chung ho, too…

Thanks. I’ve heard there’s a B&Q in Shilin also, and I might start there (I work in Shilin, but live in Daan).

Thorougly recommend the B&Q in Shilin. It has absolutely everything you could need. It’s very much like Bunnings in Australia.

sounds like my kind of store. :sunglasses: Where is it?

Did you try the bi-level DIY hardware store on the north corner of Keelung Road and Hoping East Road, Kitty corner from the Liuchangli MRT Station. Though they do carry industrial fastenings, multitudes of domestic fastenings are also on sale. Closes early (around 5 pm) and is closed on Sundays.

Truant, this is the one I was referring to.

If you want the oriental bazaar athmosphere combined with hardware: Huan He South Road (Close to Chung Xiao West Road) This is the traditional hardware street: much bigger selection than any B&Q but very messy.