Hardware Street?

So, I’m in Ximen, strolling down HuanHe South Road, section 1, looking for a place to buy a Philipps screwdriver, an extension cord and an Ethernet cable. It’s late Saturday morning and about a third of the shops are shuttered. The ones that are open all seem to be miniature surplus stores. One little shop after another of electric fans and air compressors and kitchen sinks and little blue dollies. It’s like Building 19 metastasized here.

It’s a charming neighborhood once you get away from the main drag. There’s lots of boutique shops, and some cool graffiti, and an IMAX, and only one drunk passed out in a park.

Sounds like you started at the back end of it and worked your way in.

I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a screw. I found nails in a Carrefour but no screws. It’s weird how some everyday items seem to be really hard to find out here.

There are mom-and-pop hardware shops all over. I’m sure you could get a decent screw in any one of them.

I went through a dozen near Ximen yesterday but none of them carried standard screws. Eventually an old man gave me one screw of the right size and another screw of similar thickness but shorter length. I’m just hanging a guitar so if I put the big screw on top… chabuduo, is that the word I’m looking for?

Eh, bit off topic, but, did you ask permission to hang that guitar? Making holes in walls here is a no no that could void your contract. And I am serious. Bye bye deposit.

I see, that might explain why they don’t sell screws here. I had better find a different way to store it to be on the safe side then.

For the princely sum of NT$199, you could own your very own guitar stand!


You can also buy it offline at a music store on the corner of Zhongshan and Zhongshiao.

There is a screw and nuts and bolts shop on Huan He South Road in Ximending. It’s at the north end of all the tool supply shops.

The shop has a huge selection of screws and nuts and bolts. Wood, sheet metal, all different lengths, threads, heads, etc. Nuts, bolts, washers, lock washers, etc.


You can place online orders on this site and get whatever you need delivered. They could have a store near you but I’m not sure.

I…appreciate… your opinions regarding my country :laughing: , but what you want can be found in one of those giant hardware stores like Homebox.