Harness racing

any fans around these parts?

Grew up with horses (+ debt, naturally) ended up strapping for the pacers at the local track and eventually did the photofinish for last 3 years of HS. My dad is visiting here now and one of his first enquiries was “Any harness racing?” I said that unless they’ve trained the rats to pull tiny rickshaws I don’t think so…
Back in Oz it has all but died out in the country with all the money and interest tied up in the big city tracks. Was the sport of the working man but now is big business and it is too much trouble for the ‘hobby’ pacers. I suppose that has all gone to the doggies (did the dog photo finish too - gee they are dumb)

memories… :flog:

The Australian Spring Carnival was on ABCasia/pacific in September to November end. Caught Derby Day, Oaks Day, Caufield Cup, Melbourne Cup, Cox Plate just to name a few. The Manila Jockey Club is always on Dream Cinema 1 as well. l love watching the races.