Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

I just came back awhile ago from the media screening at the Imax theater in Dazhi. It was good. Real good. And dark.

The public opening will be Nov 18.


I just got around to reading books 5 and 6, and now rereading 4. The boy and I are psyched to go! :slight_smile:

That’d be the 1st time for me to see Harry Potter in theater, seriously this one is the best from what I see from teaser.

It will never win a Golden Horse award, not artsy enough.

The shame of it all. :unamused:

Download Quicktime/Itunes and watch the trailer in HD.

Bugger me the Imax was goood!


Saw it at Imax too; absolutely mindblowing.

The movie was the funniest of the 4, and was probably better directed than the past 3 movies… thoroughly enjoyed it.


We saw it today. It was good, but there was so much left out. It was a sort of a let down…although the end was great. :slight_smile:

V and I just got back from the late show at the Imax. Definitely the best Harry Potter movie to date (although I never really liked the others that much…) This one was dark and moody, and filled with teenage angst…

where was this in imax? tks.

While it was good. where was the dialogue?? Very little Snape and Draco Malfoy; Dumbledor was an angry prick. Moody was good for sure. No blast ended skrats. The maze was what? spooky? It seemed a lot of discussion was missing from this movie, and people having not read the book, I wonder, are they left thinking what a discombobulated piece of crap?

Ron telling Harry to “Piss off!” something obviously not in the book set the tone…smash every plot line down to about 5 seconds of screen time.

But, once again, so you don’t think I didn’t like it, the end with Voldemort was just great, and unmasking Lucious Malfoy was great. Be good to see him go to Azkaban, thus setting up a Draco/Harry showdown in movie 6…and more in 7.

Definitely a lot of “cramming” viz. the storyline.

Saw it at the IMAX at the Miramar Mall in Dajr. Man, what an experience; hardly even noticed that the guy next to me was eating rank dry fish snacks, talking on his cell and explaining the plot to his clueless companion throughout the whole movie. :tic:
IMAX :thumbsup: .

For crying out loud people! The book was 700 pages long! I think for an adaptation it was very good. I think they left out details that those who hadn’t read the book didn’t need to know like about the Veela. But the strangest moment in the film was not the Quidditch Cup or the special effects for the Goblet of Fire tasks. It was seeing Harry Potter’s armpit hair while he was in the bathtub…ACK!!!

I guess for time-saving reasons, they have continued to leave out Peeves. Kinda curious of how they’ll make him look.

The Goblet of Fire was my favorite book of the 6 that have come out so far (although the Weasley twins in book 5 have earned a special place in my heart and funny bone…ugh, that was trite) and I didn’t have any problems with the changes made to the film. This was by far the best movie made so far. They made it a manageable size for kids without sacrificing too many details. Personally, I wish they had done two versions…the condensed one that has been released and a two-parted version (a la Kill Bill) that goes into the little subplots.

I also found that in watching it, there were little things that I had missed in the book like Moody making Neville watch the Cruciatus curse and the fact that Neville’s parents were…well, this isn’t the spoiler thread, is it? :wink:

Finally buckled and watched the movie, mostly 'cause a few others were going and I felt like watching a movie. The trying-to-get-a-date bits were uncomfortably well done, and the last bit was good, but other than that… well, it certainly did nothing to change my opinion of the series. Ho, and indeed hum. Plus could they have crammed a few more cliches in?