Harry Potter not to be used for educational purposes

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Nice one. Real heart of gold. It does me the immense power of good to think of all the fakes and copies of HP stuff in China. Ha ha ha. Like it would have killed you to grant the BC a licence for these events ?

Maybe this would be a good time to inform WB about the Hogwarts kindy on Muhsin Rd.? Its got an entire mural of Harry Potter-type stuff on its outside wall.

Interesting. Someone called, Chang Yih-Fan is planning to give a workshop on using Harry in the efl classroom…“The Drama of Fantasy in the Harry Potter Series” at the
ETA-ROC thingy this afternoon. Wonder if Rowling should be informed.

Maybe she should have checked with Warner Brothers first…?!

You’ll be happy to know that the NY Times reported recently that the latest Harry Potter book is on sale in bookstores throughout China, but there’s one problem – Rowling hasn’t finished writing the book. The book being sold in China is a fake, written by some hack but bearing Rowling’s name on the cover. :laughing:


It’s probably better than the real thing.

What about the Harry Potter English school next to Smokey Joes Restaurant in Kaohsiung?

I read an article that pointed out how Harry is merely a rich jock who happens to be at the right places at the right time. Hermione is smarter and is much more helpful. Ron is braver, standing up for Harry and Hermione all the time. Yet it’s Harry who gets out of exams because he’s on the Quidditch team. He gets special treatment from Dumbledore and McGonagall. He didn’t even defeat Voldemort the first time. His mother’s love did. Even his nickname, “The Boy Who Lived” shows that he doesn’t actively accomplish anything great except in merely being. And all this hype about the fifth book. Whatever. It’s probably not going to be published until after the hype dies down over the second movie (which after viewing it this weekend, I suspect the hype will be dying down sooner than Warner Bros. thinks). It’s a great series for getting kids to read and it’s entertaining to adults as well, but greed shall be its downfall. Too bad.

I subscribe to a newsgroup for bilingual families which has an OT thread running at the moment about racist subtexts in HP books.

Apparently there is some hoo har about under representation of ethnic minorities and hints of racist metaphors with all the references to ‘mudbloods’ , ‘pure muggles’ and ‘half muggles’ etc.

Sounds like a load of codswallop to me, but it just shows that people will always find something wrong with anything that is in the media spotlight. A while ago HP was supposedly inciting satanic worship, and now it tuirns out to be racist as well. No doubt there are hidden messages to Al Q’eda followers encrypted in the text too.