Hartley Pool: The Final Farewell Tour (Part 1)


My final stand-up shows in Taiwan will be on May 1st and 2nd at 10:15 pm, B1, 24 Taishun St (near Shi-da).

I hope you can make it. The musician Dave Foster will be performing in the first half, and we’re allowing Tom Levine to do a short comedy set later on so that we can apply for charitable status.

We are on facebook here: facebook.com/home.php?ref=ho … 741&ref=nf


I’ll be doing a free taster on Wednesday, around 8:30. It’s Open Mic Night, and anyone can get up, tell a few jokes and get a free beer.

Hope to see you there.

Friday is booking up, Saturday a bit slow. Live life by the balls, come on Saturday and I’m offering a free lap-joke.

I’ll be in the ICRT studios on Friday morning.

And if I have to go all the way to Wugu, the least you could do is listen.


What time is the radio gig?

I think I’m there from 8…

All right!

Break a lip

or a microphone

or a tape machine as you leave.

Saturday night will be introduced by Rick Monday.

He’s very good, I had him introduce a Wednesday afternoon for me a while back and it went very well.

We had a great one last night. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially to Tom Levene and Dave Foster for sterling work.

It’s all happening again from 10pm tonight - come on down.


Dammit! I’m always out of town when you have your shows. I don’t return to Taiwan until May 3! :cry:

Thanks to everyone who came along, and especially to Tom Levene for Friday, Sammy the Psychic Cat for Saturday and the amazing Dawid Vorster for both ngihts. Here’s a clip from the second night: