Has anybody been to Dr. Mark Griffin yet?

He seems to have various banners here, but has anybody actually ever consulted him? Were you satisfied? What does he charge for a consultation?

I consulted him once, and the first consultation was free. Seemed good–friendly, upfront, well informed–but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to pursue the avenue he advocated (taking care of a goofy bone spur on my foot), and if I were, I would have sought a second opinion because it was a fairly expensive course of action. As it happened, I had to go home shortly after and saw the GP back there. I can’t think of any reasons not to see him… other than his field of medicine not being covered by health insurance (or has that changed recently).

So, despite the little feedback and lack of a better choice, I went to see Dr. Griffin after all. Here’s my
personal account. Basically, very happy with his treatment and my neck is improving.

Sorry I can’t read your personal account Miso as I’m not a member of that blog, but thought I’d give my experience of another chiropractor here who I have seen a few times lately.

I’ve been going to the Aussie Chiropractic Centre in JingMei - Johnson Huang. He trained at RMIT University in Melbourne and has all the gadgets for measuring pressure, heat and (I think) electricity on every vertebrae. My severe neck pain reduced dramatically after the first visit, and I’d recommend him.

It is NT$1200 for the first visit, and 1000 for each subsequent visit. You can pre-purchase visits at a discount too (up to 15%). I've seen a few chiropractors back home over the years and felt like I was just coming every week with little improvement (and paying too much for it). But I've found Johnson's really patient and thorough, and I don't think he is going to keep me coming back week after week just for the . (Yes, my previous experience with chiropractors has jaded me a lot.)

Their number is 2935 2477, and it’s at 3F, 234 Roosevelt Rd Sect 6. If you take the MRT to JingMei, exit from exit 3 and turn right and walk for about a minute.