Has anyone been to HK recently?

Hey folks, just wondering if anyone’s been to HK recently? If so, what was your quarantine period and would you mind sharing some of your experience with me? I may need to move there very shortly for a job but the HK government’s website seems to lack certain information (for example, I can’t tell if I need to quarantine for 14 days or 21 days)! Would be very grateful for any advice!

My friend had visited Hk in Dec last year, he said one requires to stay 21 nights in quarantine at a hotel after arriving in Hong Kong. This requirement applies also to Hong Kong nationals and residents. You will not be permitted to leave your hotel room during the quarantine period.

Aren’t only nationals and residents allowed back into HK?
Or, more curiously, was your friend a random tourist/visitor who was allowed in and did the 21 days? What was it like? Costs, etc.?