Has anyone bought a puppy while living in Taiwan?


Wanted to know if anyone has bought a puppy here in Taiwan? If so, do you get papers that your puppy is a purebreed? And does anyone know where’s the best place to get a purebreed puppy from?


Don’t buy a puppy. If you do you’re just encouraging those irresponsible people who sell cute little puppies that turn into poor starving stray dogs and then get killed by the council. If you want a dog get one from the pound. Where are you goingt o keep it though. Is it going to have a nice garden to run around in?

Please think about it a little before you continue the cycle of cruelty.



I had a dog for 13 years in Taiwan (gone to doggie afterlife…) and the one I have now has been with me over 2 years. Both were street dogs.
Don’t buy a dog!
You’ll feel better taking in a stray and giving it a good home.


Don’t buy a puppy, please. Save one of the many Taiwan stray dogs. You can adopt an abandoned dog, you won’t spend money, save a life and you might even get a purebreed (some people buy really expensive dogs and then abandon them).

My first stray dog has now been living happily in Spain for the last three years. I adopted a second one in April and lives happily with me in Tamshui.

Check http://portal.gio.gov.tw/cult/envi/stray/ for related links.



PLEASE don’t buy a puppy. It will become a dog, and I don’t think you want to buy a dog, or you would have typed that.

I am an editor for Taiwan News, and every once and a while our reporter comes back with a story on how sad an miserable the life of a dog is on the street after someone bought a “puppy” and left a left behind a “dog”.

My lover once had 5 dogs and cares for them deeply – they are his life! He has a friend who bought a puppy, transferred to Cairo and abandoned his dog in the care of my lover.

My lover, who has dual citizenship, owns a business and has lived here for many, many years, now has 6 dogs in his care. One of which is lonely at times and poorly trained. Guess which one that is.


I don’t think anyone should be judging a person if they want to buy a puppy/dog. You don’t know that person, and no one has any right to just assume that I or anyone else will abandon a puppy/dog which is purchased. For everyone’s information, the puppy that I plan to get I plan to take with me wherever I move to. I’ve also been looking into the necessary papers I would need when I move back to the states to bring back my dog.


abc girl: Getting back onto the thread of your post, what type of puppy are you looking for? I myself had dogs for many years and also agree SOME people on these boards judge, complain, etc., etc., and never offer any help to anyone. They hide behind their security blanket of a board and insult people without knowing them at all.

E-mail me of what type of dog you are looking for. I have a vast network of contacts all over Taiwan that can offer assistance.


Richard: Thanks for helping… I’m looking into getting a sharpei or a chow. I use to have a chow in the States. She past away a few years ago. I always wanted a sharpei but due to its tempermant, it wouldn’t get along with a chow. Do you know if purebreed dogs in Taiwan come with pedigree certificates? Do all dogs in Taiwan have the microchip inserted in their skin? I know if you adopt a stay, they do because a relative of ours just adopted a stray puppy, and it has the microchip. Thanks for helping again…


One would think that having a microchip would be an effective way of keeping track of dogs, and locating owners, but this is not the case. In Taiwan there are several different types of microchips being implanted by several different agencies/veterinarian clinics, which have different and noncompatible scanners to read the chips. So even if you had two different kinds of chips implanted in your dog by two different vets, there’s still a chance that your dog might get picked up and scanned with one of several scanners that would not be able to read them. They would then be taken to one of several horrible dog “shelters” and eventually be put to sleep.

I’ve also heard a great anecdote from a friend living in the 'burbs who had a legally registered lame dog with an implanted microchip and a tagged collar. The dog catchers caught it because the illegal strays were too fast for them, and they didn’t want to go back empty-handed!

Don’t let your dog out of your sight! :wink: