Has anyone ever shipped/mailed a desktop computer from the USA to Taiwan?

Just curious what options you took and if the experience was worth it?

I have been living in Taiwan for 3 years now, but I have left my desktop computer in the USA. I am thinking I am finally ready to bring it over seeing as I will stay for a while, but I am wondering if anyone else has good or bad experiences doing this? Just looking for some advice. I know I could snail mail it or air mail it, or possibly just bring it with me on a round trip flight.

All comments welcome. Thanks!

I took mine apart and took the most important parts and left the case behind.

That would be motherboard, CPU, RAM, HDD and SSD, Optical drive, and PSU and small extras inside depending if they are important. I bought a new case when getting here.

Hard to imagine it’s worth carrying 3+ year old components over. Hard drive should be enough


I think it’s worth it. CPU speeds in particular haven’t changed much in the last 7 years.

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To be honest the cost of new hardware my be cheeper than the cost of the shipping,
I shipped an iMac and one of the servers I use for work but only because I had space with the rest of my cargo. I did have to send it all through clearing at customs and declare it was used etc. The rest I just transferred the information onto 2 hard drives (a back up in the shipping container and one in my luggage).