Has anyone imported a car in canada?

I was wondering if it was possible to import a car into Canada. I will need a car back home so I thought about getting wheels over here because

  1. They are extra clean
  2. salt free (no winters over here like back home)
  3. Less expensive

I don’t want to be purchasing a North American car back home so hopefully someone has information about this.


Cars must be 15 years or older to import into Canada and have all the forms filled out. Shipping the car will cost several thousand as well. Buying a car in Victoria or Vancouver will usually be a salt free car due to mild winters but the cars in BC are more expensive then the rest of Canada. If you were to sell the car and it was from out of province then you will receive less money for it. What cars are you looking at? You can get a decent used car for $5000-$10000 depending on the make etc… or you can spend more if you want something newer.