Has anyone just taken a local service job like Baotze maker?

Sometimes I just get the urge to ask a friend who owns a baotze Shop or one who owns a coffee shop to say… “Take me… I want to be an apprentice…” I know the pay sucks but working that dough seems so therapeutic. OK… what part time non white collar jobs have you done here. I’ve got PM with an open work permit so… … no legal blocks.

You’d get about 100nt an hour doing that. Whyyyy would anyone that can do anything beyond that want to take a job that pays so low?

I knew one person who took a job at a breakfast shop because he was scraping up cash to leave the country after having to stand trial here and pay a fine, which ate into his available funds to buy a ticket to leave. He eventually got enough money to return to Sweden (or was it Switzerland?).

I haven’t but I can see why somebody would just want to try something like this for a while.

I met a guy this weekend down in Taidong County.
He’s working as a porter alongside Bunun aboriginals, hauling 30kg loads from Xiangyang upto the hiking hut near Jiaming Lake.

different strokes for different folks.

Damn, if I wanted to make decent dosh, I would still be in my job back home. Just don’t want the accompanying aggravation.