Has anyone parked a scooter at the airport during chinese ny

Has anyone parked a scooter at the Taoyuan airport during chinese new year?

Someone there told me it’d be ok, I just wanted to make sure and see if anyone has done it, if there was plenty of parking, if it’s free, etc. I’ll be going to Thailand for 5 days.

Thanks a bunch!


Uhm, maybe you can park close to it and take a taxi, but I dont believe its legal to drive a two wheeled vehicle down the airport road, and I know from first hand experience you can’t do it on a camel.

The road that goes to the airport is a highway. Def. a bad idea. Just pay the $125NT and take the bus.

there are companies near the airport that are accessable by motorscooter that people can park cars (and probably motorcycles) for a daily fee and they will drive you to the airport and pick you up when you come back 24/7. I used it before, its a great service (but for a car). However, you can find out if they take scooters before you head out there.

best thing is to have someone watch your scooter while you are in bkk and just take the airport bus tho