Has anyone "redubbed" a (anime) DVD? RE:Totoro

OK Anime Fans. You know Totoro has been bought by Disney and the new English Language soundtrack has be re-dubbed. I have not heard it but those of us who grew up on the “Fox” version are disappointed.

I managed to make a DVD copy of the Fox version but not before my tape had deteriorated too much. Here is my choice. What would you do?

I can spend $30 - $40 for a used but good condition official Fox Video DVD or I can somehow rip the video from my "Disney Totoro (released in Taiwan with out an English soudtrack) and sync it up with audio of my Fox copy.

I’m not a video guru so I’d like to know. Are the lenghts exactally the same? Would it be easy to sync it up or should I just take my chances and buy a used DVD.

I saw the Juggernaught Biatch. I think the lip synching was a little off.