Has anyone seen/bought savoiardi (ladyfingers) lately?

I used to always find these at the City Super at Sogo, but the last two times I went, they didn’t have them. I have full schedule of weekly classes at university now here in Danshui, so I rarely have the chance to run around Taipei like I used to. If anyone has spotted savoiardi recently, please let me know where. Seems a long, long time ago I got some at Jason’s 101 and maybe also at Wellman’s.

No savoiardi, no tiramisu :frowning:


You can find your ladyfingers there, that’s where I buy them when I make Tiramisu or Charlotte.

[quote=“Dragonbones”]And while we’re on baking goods stores, I’ll copy this from another thread. Here’s a store near the Minquan Bridge in Taibei:

Heading east (towards Neihu) on Minquan E. Rd. in Taibei, after passing the aquarium shops and crossing Fuyuan St. (the last before the bridge), go past the start of the upramp for the Minquan bridge (i.e., don’t take the bridge; go off to the right below the bridge). Go a short block, just past a Bridgestone tire shop; turn right (south), and go about 50 meters, and the shop is on your left. 義興西點原料行 is the shop name; the address is 富錦街574巷2號 Fujin St., Lane 574, #2. Phone 2760-8115. Open 9a-9p; closed the 2nd and 4th Sun. of each month. The owner does speak a tiny bit of English in case you need to ask for something like baking powder.

Their selection of baking stuff is very good, and most prices quite reasonable. Their 1 lb. of butter is cheaper than Welcome or RT Mart, for example, at 65 NT.[/quote]

Great, thanks, I’ve been to that store a long, long time ago. Next time I can get away, I’ll head over there for a supply!