Has anyone taught/know about Orff Music teaching method?

My young daughter has been going to toddler Orff Music classes here in Taipei. It’s a parent-child class and I really loved it. My daughter was falling in love with music and really starting to express herself through it, as much as a toddler can anyway. Recently, they added text books that the Taiwan Orff Schools have made, to the curriculum. It’s changed the “feel” of the classes a lot. From my understanding, Orff does have a structured teaching method, but should have lots of room for improvisation. I am not sure if it is now “more Orff” or “less Orff”. Does anyone have experience with this teaching method, either as a teacher or student, and can share some experiences of how they teach Orff overseas?

sounds interesting - as it much EFL value?

trubadour, the classes we attend are in Chinese, the teachers are all local. The new texts are all Chinese, and produced in Taiwan. We are attending for the music education. I can’t really see any EFL value to the system in Taiwan if taught by non-English speakers.

For EFL/English immersion value, I would recommend something like Kindermusik by jenniferjoy. http://www.kmjoy.com The teacher is a native English speaker and all the material is in English. My son attended her classes and he picked up a lot of English through those classes, while having a good time and learning to enjoy music, too. I put my daughter into Orff because it is close to my home and seemed to be a style we would enjoy, too.