Has Anyone tried Purebread Bakery?



Anyone tried this place ?
I heard many good things about their breads expecially their sourdough.


I’ve walked past and thought about it. Maybe worth a try of people are talking about it.


Welcome back to Taiwan!


Interesting, it’s not far from Technology Building. When I go to Taipei I arrive around there, I’ll give it a try.


@Aikaili has recommended it somewhere. I got a baguette which I thought was good if not amazing. I probably should have got something else


“sourdough”…my non-native-English brain keeps pronouncing “sour dog”. I need to try that one.


Thank you!!


I’m gonna definitely try it then today.
From the pictures it looks quite delicious


It’s great…I think Liquid bread uses it for their sandwiches which are also awesome.


Jalapeño cheddar sourdough is fantastic. Highly recommended.


please also let us know the price range.


The sourdog is REALLY good. Not cheap though, I paid 140NT, but it feels like real bread, so not the soft sweet stiff most bakeries have.


Will do!


Purebread is the best…I bake sourdough bread and they are my benchmark.


Purebread is a serious outfit. Along with their highly regarded sourdough bread, I also recommend their pain aux raisins. I think it’s currently the best in town.

And yes Liquid Bread (operated by the same folks) uses Purebread, well, bread for their sandwiches. As does an extraordinary new joint called Avenue on Anhe Road.



I had half of the sour thingy at lunch, then saved the rest for dinner. At home I heated it 5 minutes in the oven to make it crunchy and holy cow, top bread I’ve tried in Taiwan.


I couldn’t make it today but I really wanna go there tomorrow for breakfast, they open early compared to most bakeries so it’s also convenient. I’m craving it so much after everyone saying such positive things


They open at 10:00 am.

Hope you like it!




I’d suggest you to go there early: at lunch time they were already out of the sweet stuff that I’ve seen on Google and looks amazing.


Yeah, I will go around 10!