Has anyone tried to book a flight in the last few days?

I didn’t even think to check New York. That’s in the wrong direction for me, but might end up being shorter in total travel time. But most US states still have cases in the hundreds per day, so TW is still safer (for now), unless fully vaccinated

This is a good example of how easy it is to misjudge risk.

When you go to the US, you’re not really going to the US as far as national COVID numbers are concerned. You’re going to a specific place. You should look at the trends in that place compared to the place you’re in.

The positive test rate in NYC is under 2% now and there are only 405 cases/day average in a city that’s nearly as big population wise as all of Taiwan. 85% of the people in NYC have received at least 1 vaccine dose and 86% of those who have received the vax are fully vaxxed.

Coronavirus in on the run in many places in the US. It’s just getting started in TW.

When judging the risk, I think you have to look at the case trends, vaccination and immunity rates, hospital utilization rates, vaccine availability, etc.


I just flew out of TPE on a flight I booked four days ago. Everything is the same as it always is except for the PCR test and mask requirement.

What would be the purpose of the trip? Are you trying to get somewhere specific or are you trying to get anywhere to get a vaccination or something else? I think in NYC there are extremely high vaccination rates. Also, cases are in the hundreds, but in Manhattan (for example) everywhere south of harlem (minus Chinatown) seems to have almost no cases. And the rate is plummeting.



Ideally if I trek over to the US, I’m going to see people I know, who are mostly located across the Midwest into the South. I don’t think anyone I know from NY is currently there, so it’s kind of a wasted trip, other than the vaccine…

Appears NYC is opening vaccines to tourists/visitors:


It seems like everyone is just awaiting the covid count from day to day. As one total is revealed around 4 pm, the wait for the next day’s figure immediately begins.

I began to piece together the necessities for a flight out just before the level 3 restrictions began. However, it seems like a losing job with all the previously unused covid testing facilities now overloaded. Is there anywhere a traveller can actually get a self paid covid test anymore? I have found airlines directing me to Zhongne a real hot spot. So getting a covid test might actually facilitate getting covid at the moment!

Are people finding places to get the PCR done? If a level 4 i is applied, does it have any effect on departures?

Take the time to search for some recent topics, many of them already answered the same questions . Search for flight I guess or pcr test.

PS : « tests to take a flight » for example

I did my test in Zhonghe. Not fun. Bit of a disaster. Tried to protect myself as best as I could.

My logic was better to get it done with earlier than later and if I got COVID at the test, at least I’d still test negative and most likely be back in my home country by the time I get sick. At least there I could get medical attention in my own language and in a system that now has good capacity because cases (and serious cases) are way down.

You are two hours late.

My wife booked a flight to the states today…no issues. She has a reservation for her covid test; it’s not at the most convenient hospital, but it’s a reservation nonetheless.


And we just got a message that the flight was canceled. I’ll let you know how hard it is to reschedule both the flight and test in conjunction.

Edit: It took about 1.5 hours to get a test set up for Friday and a new flight out for Monday.


And they are completely separated in Guam?

Is who completely separated in Guam?

Both crews? Switching crews needs some contact.

what you mean by number 3? why would you have to pay $3000 extra

There is contact between the crews but that’s not what they’re trying to solve for.

My understanding is that the Guam crew never actually enters TW. Guam to TPE is only around 4 hours, so they fly the bird to Guam in the morning with the Guam-based crew and pick up the passengers. The Guam-based crew gets off in Guam, so it’s like a regular shift for this crew.

The SFO-based crew sleeps overnight in Guam and can then handle the Guam to SFO leg, which is around 12 hours.

Would be impossible to fly a bird from SFO to TPE and have the same crew fly back same day without the ability to sleep overnight. That would be 2 long haul flights back to back for the crew.

I booked a flight to the US, leaving mid August and returning mid October. Managed to get a “cheap” (relatively speaking for Covid times) flight.

Now I just need to figure out the Covid test logistics. But that’s weeks away.

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Between 30,000 and 40,000?

US$1,400 and change. Considering that flights to California have been ranging from $1,600 to over $2,200 over the last couple months, it’s “cheap”. But last time (Feb 2020) I spent under $600.

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