Has anyone used a Nokia 6108 cellphone

My eye was caught by the Nokia 6108 the other day … because it has some basic PDA features, and includes a stylus for input of English and Chinese characters … as well as a C<>E dictionary that it says has 100,000 entries.

Has anybody tried one of these out? What’s the verdict (as a phone, as a pda, how’s the character/letter recognition, how’s the dictionary?)

I know there are other threads dealing with pda/phones, but there are more and more models out there. Any new recommendations?

I’ve played with others phone/pda combo unit, primarily running PocketPC or Palm OS. Although some are sexy, I’m staying with a phone that is separate from my Palm. I use the two so often that I need to have the phone between my ear and shoulder while I’m tapping away notes on the PDA. I can’t stand to have to say, “hold on a minute, I have to look something up on my phone.” Also, PDA phones are bigger. Many times I just want to go out without it and just me and my smaller phone. The phone STILL has the same calendar, contact and note information anyway, that in a crunch I’m not really without the information.

Some say, get a handsfree to solve the problem, but I don’t really think that will solve my desire to have (a) a small phone and (b) a big-screen Palm PDA.