Has anyone worked for AMC?


Hello, I saw a poster for AMC English right across the street from the where I live by a 711 near Guting. It said that they offer tutoring jobs. Is this true? Is it 1-on-1? It seems like it would be so neat to tutor, especially AP economics or history


They only tutor English. Perhaps some business vocabulary, but you don’t get to choose your classes or levels. Also, if the student doesn’t turn up to class, you don’t get paid. Most classes are 1 on 1 for part time teachers.


Hi Wanderer,
Are there any companies that you know where you can teach full-time one on one tutoring?


Unfortunately, it’s all rather precarious and hard to come by tutoring full-time at any one school. Every school you go to you’re lucky to find more than 20 hours a week. Online tutoring will take over sooner or later, but the pay is considerably lower for hours worked as a teacher.