Has Tealit Lost its Soul?

Do Forumosans out there think foreigners have become more cut-throat toward one another?
That’s probably another topic… but I’d like to know what y’all think about the following true story regarding our good 'ol tealit.com
I advertised myself as a “Private Art Tutor” who can teach students how to paint, as well as converse with them about topics ranging from art, books, movies, to culture and philosophy… and emphasized that the student in doing so, could learn two skills at once…
Without a word, however, Tealit just erased the entire ad, like a bolt back into the blue.
So I phoned the admin in a huff… and the American dude very calmly, but almost psychopathically distant, told me that Tealit doesn’t stand for the likes of artsy fartsy geezers …
Me: But surely there are some Taiwanese out there who want to learn English as a hobby just for the pleasure of it…and besides, can’t they make up their own minds…?
Him: Sorry, we don’t want Taiwanese wasting their time & money…they should be learning TOEIC, etc.
Me: But what if I advertised myself as a guitar teacher…what if I had another skill to offer aside from teaching English alone?
Him: No, English only…
Me: What if I advertised as an “easy-conversation” tutor?
Him: Try another site…
Me: Are there not any other categories in Tealit in which I may advertise this? I mean, companies may advertise under “Other Jobs”?
Him: No, try another site…
me: Argghh! …ok.
I’m trying to keep an open-mind on this one. Maybe I am naive in thinking a site like Tealit exists primarily to help other foreigners?
And should we start putting limitations on the ways we teach English? There are some real colorful characters amongst or Waiguoren ranks…surely we should give them the freedom to use their talents?
I would appreciate any comments in support or otherwise… I’m wrestling with the morality of this… thanks…

Well, they own the name and pay for the server space, so they can do what they want. It does sound retarded to me though. As a website acting as an intermediary between people, you would think they want as much traffic as they can muster.

It’s a joke of a site now though. It is just one giant ad. I can hardly open it using the slow Internet connection at my school/job.

On a side note, I guess they should change their name to just teit.com (Teaching English in Taiwan).


Really, Tea$hit never had a soul.

tealit is a place for noobs to score some local ass.

and what the hell is an American saying ‘geezer’ for?

I found a Chinese teacher through tealit. ‘But that’s different’, they would say. The world is populated and run by horrorshow people. Not worth any thought.

out of curiosity, what did you pay them an hour? did you have the class at your place? coffee shop etc…? or in a cram school?

out of curiosity, what did you pay them an hour? did you have the class at your place? coffee shop etc…? or in a cram school?[/quote]

Slightly tangential, but over about 3 years, we met all over and paid 400 going up to 600NT plus expenses when we went out.

out of curiosity, what did you pay them an hour? did you have the class at your place? coffee shop etc…? or in a cram school?[/quote]

Slightly tangential, but over about 3 years, we met all over and paid 400 going up to 600NT plus expenses when we went out.[/quote]


That site is run to make money no? From schools that place ads to hire teachers? It does sound a bit off that they would deny your ad though.

I fucking hate them. I was active on Tealit when I first arrived in Taiwan. I used to go on the forums and chat room, and considered myself a fairly productive contributor. I met some great people throught the chat room, but it was immersed in trolls so they suspended it eventually. My posts were perpetually eliminated/edited/changed. And this was with nowt profanity nor provocation/flaming. I never could understand it. One day, I was told that I had been BANNED. Now really guys, I had done nothing to merit a banning. Bizarre. Phoned the Tealit crowd to enquire and got some Taiwanese twinkie telling me that this was not open to discussion. So I moved on to Forumosa. Only one board warning so far!

lol…I was banned here 6 of my first 8 weeks.

lol…I was banned here 6 of my first 8 weeks.[/quote]

Well you have Martin Kove in your avatar. That’s bad news right there.

The long dark tealit of the soul.

It’s tealit’s property and they can do with it as they wish and I’m sure they are making a pretty penny.

I do miss the old days, but will say Taiwan has become a better place and Tealit has matured. BTW, everyone got their posts deleted and changed on tealit, by some whacked out moderator. It used to be an exceptional place to score a piece of ass before though and if she’s seeing and screwing you, she’s also seeing and screwing another foreigner too.

I had a large network of Taiwanese friends before I even came here, so I never needed to use tealit before.

However, at present most of my Taiwanese mates are working over-time and have no time for my regular fix of mandarin discussion, so I decided to look for Chinese teachers on Tealit… (having heard it mentioned a good few times before).

After browsing a bit, I realised that I couldn’t directly contact any person, that I had to ‘pay’ real money for some silly points and that every person I contacted costed points ~ I was thinking this is pretty stupid, what happens if the people I contact just happened to be busy or unable to teach… do I have to pay more cash for the details of ‘possible’ contacts? Forget it mate!

Anyway, I found a group on facebook regarding Mandarin study in Taiwan, I also found a few other facebook groups regarding Taiwan - put up my request and within a day I had over ten out of work Taiwanese offering me cheap conversation classes - 200NT as apposed to the 600NT they charge at WenHua or Shi-Da!

Forget about Tealit.

tealit lost her soul long ago.

they used to change the words around on forum posts so that the intended meaning was reversed.

The information on Tealit about work visas, changing jobs, contracts, etc is still the most complete I’ve ever found on one site.

Yeah, in the early 2000s it could have been called SSHIT (Sloppy Seconds Hospitality in Taiwan :laughing: :laughing: ) instead of TEALIT given the popularity of the language exchanges as an introductory service. :laughing:

tealit.com (TW) and gaijinpot.com (JPN) are both crap sites. I stopped using them. Having dealt with them via email and phone, the operators are ODD. The kind of people I would avoid if I saw them.

Yeah, and that makes it kind of hard to figure out what’s going on/what went on with Tealit. I think there was a Tealit thread here a few years back in which somebody mentioned a change in management (or maybe I hallucinated that).

Maybe someone knows about that and could shed some light. . . .

it really use to be a pretty good site. sucks balls now.