Has the Taiwan government gone too far with its coronavirus measures?

A so-called democracy can become a dictatorship overnight if a state of emergency is called.

As long as the genie goes back into its bottle when the emergency is over.


Sorry, I should have quoted more fully.

I think it’s a leap to assume the government would change this policy in order to stop rational and sane people from complaining. I don’t think any health professional are sitting on their hands now, including psychiatrists. I don’t know that much about medical training, but as qualified doctors I think they have medical training. In a crisis, everyone is needed for something.

You’d hope that checks and balances would prevent this. But, when the population are scared and irrational history has proven otherwise.

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As an aside, this might prove wrong everyone who thought Trump would become a dictator. Instead of grabbing more power or using what he has, he’s chilling and sayings it’s all good, relax.

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This is true. They will have a primary medical degree some time in the past.

Cell phone tracking has been a thing for a while now. They can find you pretty quick…what i find funny is why bring your phone if you knowingly want to break house arrest? Kind of dumb. The whole cell tracking/spying thing bas evovled ao that most cell phones cannot even remove their batteries anymore. Save 2mm thickness space my ass. Removable batery should be a must for a phone, for multiple reasons. Last time i bought a phone could only find 3 phones with the option. A samsung, LG and a wierd OEM for a service provider one. Myphone?

This situation is good. Some countries really do need to worry when it is over the freedoms and privacies of the people wont return to normal. Taiwan seems pretty good in recent years for not abusing this power so much. China being the scary end of the spectrum. And many countries falling in the middle, which is where it would be legitimately worrisome

I think Taiwan is being smart, minus one thing: The blanket ban on foreigners. If they are going to quarantine and track everyone who enters anyway, what does their nationality matter? In fact, the majority of cases brought back to Taiwan have been Taiwanese. It’s very silly, and it sticks out given how smart the rest of the response has been.

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tracking more people means more burden. It makes sense trying to reduce the number of people they should track.

because the majority of people entering have been Taiwanese.


Moreover, Taiwanese should have the right to return home (and do the quarantine of course).

Sweating will lower your core temperature. I’ve managed to hit 37.3 but that was wearing a woolen hat.


Resident foreigners are allowed entry. For a temporary period a blanket ban just reduces the potential imported cases.

  1. Foreigners are denied entry (blanket ban)

  2. All the new cases are taiwanese returning.

  3. Put on your thinking cap and deduce why #1 & 2 are extremely related.

Hint: if foreigners cant enter, that leaves only residents and taiwanese citizens to blame for importing new cases.

  1. Once that clicks, realize that is why banning new foreigners is a good temporary move.

  2. Locals should turn off the tv, dissolve their psuedoracist verbal diahroea, read #1 & 2 (stupid people read #3) and be quiet.

  3. Turn off the TV and start doing something constructive.

I just had a conversation with the local grocer about how her friend hates americans. I was buying a coke. She wont buy coke now, only pepsi. Americans are horrible. Why am I buying coke? We sell pepsi.

And so the wheels spin. Stock up on drugs folks, you will need them.


Why would she hate Americans?

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Also in a worst-case scenario the health system here will be overwhelmed. Having a couple of 100000 tourists in the country won’t help on the situation. Telling non national that they won’t get treatment will cause diplomatic strains and bad publicity. Giving foreigners treatment will make locals angry.

Shipping a deceased person to their desired end destination is already costly and complicated, but imagine doing that today between Italy and US. Or arranging a flight back home with medical escort.

I think tourists that choose to travel now don’t understand the reason people are asked to stay home therefore they will spread the wuhan virus at a rapid rate.


Not going far enough when it comes to quarantine breakers.

Need to make 1 million nt the mininum.


If a government goes to those lengths to punish, they sure as shit be prepared to cover their basic costs of living and make arrangements to waive public service costs (taxes, water, electricity etc) at least up to a survival standard. Otherwise that kind of conversation is a non starter.


Because she has the tv on all day listening to brain rotting garbage. The second issue is quite a lot of Taiwanese, especially older folks (40 plus) have very little knowledge of geography and the world. When they say American they often mean white. It is almlst certainly about the foreigner rubbish that is going around in circles. Ever notice in Taiwan, and mkst countries, the thing that is the hot topic that everyone and their dogs are talking about is whatever talking point is going around on tv news stations? Its so consistent it became not funny.

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many of them have a choice to not come back to taiwan, I think. Many of students may cost less money during the quarantine period for parents.

If only there would be away for quarantined people to avoid getting fined.

Like, call me crazy, by not breaking quarantine.

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