Has this ever happened to you?

Hilarity aside. Do you not all remember a recent post where the poster LOST HIS job over something less innocent than this.

Perhaps the guy did lose control in his classroom but when I hear things like this I cringe because this is the kind of thing that can nasty here…

Shifty, for your sake I hope it doesn’t. If it does, I hope the posters here will be a little more helpful…


Shifty, for your sake I hope it doesn’t. If it does, I hope the posters here will be a little more helpful…[/quote]

Well, the thing is this should never of happened. I question why track pants were being worn and why this little girl was running around.

OK, we’ve all beaten the “wardrobe malfunction” humor into the ground at this point as well as the basic point that shifty needs to take steps to make sure this does not happen again by leaving the clown pants at home.

Here is my further advice:

Be a total straight arrow at work. Don’t give the boss, coworkers or parents any reason whatsoever to believe that you are anything less than a clean-cut, god-fearin’ decent man who, given the opportunity would never expose anything to any kids. Even when the receptionist sends you off-color cartoons, photos, movie clips, use that as an opportunity to be prudish.

Where does the OP mention this?

[quote=“shifty”]I started a new part time job at a new school and had my first class with a group of 7 year olds Mostly very funny and excited little kids. One girl in paticular was too excited and kept lifting my shirt up. I told her to please stop turned around and she yanked my pants down (thank god it was not laundry day) I mentioned to my Chinese co-worker when she decided to wander back in class 15 mins later. I thought that was it WRONG!
The next day the story had expanded to it being my fault the little girl had done this, and that the Chinese teacher had seen my penis. They were livid and blame was sorely set upon me for this.[/quote]
Mmmm. He doesn’t state this so we don’t know what he was wearing. And, if you going to question the classroom situation that shifty found himself in, why didn’t you ask the obvious question? Where was the Teaching assistant? Afterall, he’s a new teacher at this school, so where was she?
I stand by my point. This is the kind of situation that can turn bad. I don’t think it was shifty’s fault - new class of excited 7 year olds + new teacher (and perhaps an inexperienced one) = trouble.

[quote=“shifty”]Track pants people they were track pants,

[quote=“Durins Bane”][quote=“shifty”]Track pants people they were track pants,
Thats twice today I’ve been caught out like that! Apologies Mr Bane… (I missed on damned line) :blush:
But that doesn’t negate anything else that I said…

[quote=“Roach”][quote=“Durins Bane”][quote=“shifty”]Track pants people they were track pants,
Thats twice today I’ve been caught out like that! Apologies Mr Bane… (I missed on damned line) :blush:
But that doesn’t negate anything else that I said…[/quote]

No apologies needed. I’ve done that more times than I care to count.

Personally I encourage that kind of behavoir but more so on the part of the students…if they lift up their shirts I give one star…pants or skirts two stars. If they want to take my clothes off I have an area devoted to just that during nap time.

No, but seriously…I don’t like being touched…period. If a stundent even touches my hand…I will grab their arm and smack their hand and say “DO NOT TOUCH ME.” It’s a bit excessive…but I don’t like dirty little hands touching my anything.

What ARE track pants?

The big baggy half sweatpants things?

If yes, why are you so underdressed for work? Pants or shorts with zippers gents. Zippers and buttons or snap closers.


(Points upwards) You don’t know what track pants and I don’t have a clue what snap closers are.

To devolve is to pass responsibility on to a subordinate. Don’t mean to be picky… well actually I do mean to be picky. Picky is good. We are English teachers after all. Please feel free to pick on my many mistakes as well. :notworthy:

I’d like some of that too please…

someone insinuated that you were somehow at fault in this situation? did you devolve–yes devolve i checked the damn dictionary even :raspberry: :slight_smile:–into a screaming writhing mass of righteous indignation? that is suggestion number one

number 2 get some pants mo

number 3 tell the little bastards to keep their hands off you :slight_smile:

Devolve, devolve…hmm. I’ve heard of that somewhere before. It’s like evolve only in reverse, right?

[quote=“ImaniOU”]Your “time of need” was in that classroom. What you needed was some classroom management. But since that “time of need” is over, here’s a little tip for you:


thank you

I was wearing track pants because it is a 23 kilometer bicycle ride to my work and it was 30 degrees outside. In the two years of teaching kindie I have never had a child lift up my shirt or pull my pants down, she caught me with my back turned during the song hokey pokey.

I took the situation head on and demanded to see the security tapes of my classroom. The boss and I sat and watched it together.
The Chinese assistant was clearly not in the room, as she had left 30 secs after I arrived, and the little girl was seen to grab my shirt and pants while my back was turned. There was no penis there was no trauma, there was no Chinese assistant.

The assistant got a dressing down for her lie regarding her whereabouts during the incident.

However, I am reluctant to continue work in a place where this kind of thing happens if I am to be blamed for the actions of a child who I don’t even know on my first day then I wonder what sort of blame game will be played after 2 months?

to the posters who provided genuine advice, thank you

Can you also demand that the parents watch the security video? It seems it would put a stop to the rumors, as well as teach the child a lesson.

I would also get a new job. You’re not going to have a good relationship with your Chinese assistant after this. Even though it was her fault for lying and being a total you-know-what, she will see this as a loss of face for her and will probably try to find other ways to get you into trouble. Get outta there!

Seiously! those sweet chinese teachers can cause hell should they see fit. glad your boss watched the tape although i’'m sure the chinese teacher thought of another lie to get off the hook… and your boss probably bought it too… she probably blamed it on you for not being in the classroom… get out of there cause you’re going to forever be a scapegoat.

good luck.

But before you do leave…tighten the rear brakes on her scooter so that they are rubbing just a little. She will be able to ride normally but as the brakes heat up they will slowly expand…making her bike run a bit slower and slower. Finally when she stops she’ll notice that her whole rear brake assembly is melted together. :smiling_imp: Or you could just punch her in the stomach when no one’s looking, since she’s already branded as a liar. :s

On a more serious note: My boss at my bushi-ban says she’s going to have to fire almost all the female teachers…for gossiping too much and for making shit up. My boss says she hates females and doesn’t understand why they need to gossip so much. I tell her it’s because they have pathetic lives.

snaps on your pants…like one piece fits in the other and snaps closed.

Track pants are biking pants? Nn’t that a bit snug for teaching? :slight_smile: Causes the dreaded “turtle legs” syndrom.