Hated movies that you've never seen

Some movies are so bad that you don’t need to watch them to make a judgement. Like: Glitter, How Woopie Got Her Groove Back, XXX.

When I see a movie called XXX, I expect something more than skateboard stunts.

Bulletproof Monk
The Medallion

That one movie by Britney… Road…something…

Most if not all movies by Singers/Bands

(AFAIK the Britney movie was called Crossroads)



American Pie

Anything in the last 20 years with Richard Gere, especially that one called something like “Autumn in New York.”

Any “Ernest” movie – Ernest Goes to Camp, etc.

I dont get it, a lot of the movies mentioned are definitly not hated. ET? Classic! Titanic? Good movie! American Pie? Hilarious!

My votes:
From Justin to Kelly

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Malibu’s Most Wanted

I thought XXX was pretty good too.

Here’s why…

How can you not like Vin Diesel? Hes the man! :smiley:

XXX is a good bad action film, it had more than skateboard stunts, there was a snowsurfing stunt too. If you want a bad bad action film, try Ballistic: Ecks v Sever.

[quote]How can you not like Vin Diesel? Hes the man![/quote]Do a google for “Vin Diesel breakdance video” then see if you still think he’s cool :laughing:

I think in the years since that movie came on cable, I have watched a total of about 20 secs. Only because I couldn’t leave the room fast enough.

That is one of my worst movies I never saw. As well as any sequel to Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and all, Cruel Intentions 2, American Wedding…

The Star Wars prequels…

From Justin to Kelly…I honestly thought that was supposed to be a satirical comedy…Hell, that Justin guy has the hair down pat for a clown role.

I thought I would never watch Road Trip with Tom Green, but it came on one night and it turned out to be pretty funny. I guess you never can tell.

Titanic is a really good movie.

American Pie is funny.


Now that’s really mean, after all it stars Lucy Liu in a latex-suit. Though I admit to like Underworld (i.e. Kate Beckinsale) more. :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong, Bu Lai En…I saw both the original and sequel of American Pie, but I can’t see them stretching it out to a third movie…the humor was looking pretty transluscent in the third one.

Let me add to my list: Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan. She had nothing on Hallie Mills in the Parent Trap and she will never have half of the acting talent that Jodie Foster possessed in her little 13-year-old fingers. Let’s see her try to do a remake of Taxi Driver. Ha!

Dancer in the Dark is besides Chicago the most boooring movie I’ve ever seen. I just don’t like this kind of musical-movie mix…

Unfortunately I HAVE seen “Pearl Harbor,” but can confidently recommend it as a fetid piece of horse manure. It focuses on a love triangle and some b.s. parental psychology thing instead of the actual war (legacy of Titanic, I suppose); gives us gratuitous diversity education about blacks in the navy, but nothing about Hawaiians or Hawaii; and is way way too long, since they apparently wanted to end with an American victory. Roosevelt making an inspirational speech about overcoming his handicap was moldy icing on the fecal cake.

I have also seen half of “Battlefield Earth,” which is just as painful to watch and impossible to take seriously as the religion which inspired it (Scientology). At every step of filming this monstrosity, almost every wrong decision that could have possibly been made, was. Stupid script, unwatchable camera work, bad acting, you name it.

The Burt Bacharach 1970’s musical version of “Lost Horizon” almost ended that composer’s career. You simply must watch it in order to understand. So there’s this wedding in Shangri-La, and what kind of music do they have there? Tibetan temple bells? Throat singing? No… Here are the lyrics:

Living together, loving together
That’s how it starts
Two loving hearts
Beating as one…

I have not yet seen “Ishtar,” but hear bad things about it.

Huh! It’s a fantastic movie. Chicago sucks though.



Two words: Theodore Rex.