Havana Pool Parties 4*5*6 哈瓦那 (July23/30/Aug6)

Because of a quirk in the schedule, Havana is taking over the Country Club pool for the next three weeks (July23/July30/Aug6) and we have some special things lined up.

Havana 3 was a great day with the Sun God finally giving us a rain-free day that we’ve been desiring. 350+ people came out to enjoy the sun, great music, and delicious drinks. The soul music early was a perfect match for the pool which nicely transitioned into classic hip-hop by DJ Serpico. From there, Colour Wolf for once didn’t take off his clothes, but his wolf pack along with the other sexy girls of Taichung just could not stop dancing to his nu disco tunes. To top it off was the king of kings, Victor with a house set to end it on a good note.

We’ve learned quite a few things and we are adding and changing stuff each week to make it better and better. We want you all to keep coming back and telling your friends

▲▲▲Corona Extra Bucket List▲▲▲
All day long we are selling Corona buckets (can only be taken in the bar area) six for $500. Every time a team of five buys a bucket, they get one point added to their name on a list. Whichever team has the highest number by 9pm, they will be awarded with five t-shirts, five towels, five key chains and one free bucket at the next party.

Who doesn’t love volleyball? After an island-wide search, we came up with a volleyball net. For the next parties, the first team to win five vollyball games overall will get a free bottle of sparkling wine (champagne).

▲▲▲Bacardi Mojito Madness▲▲▲
From opening time to 330pm, we will be having Mojito Madness. This means that any mojito bought between then will be only NT$150.

Jagermeister is the reason babies are made. From 7pm-8pm each party Jagermeister will be only NT$50 so you can buy a round for your friends.

▲▲▲Free Entry from 11am-1.30pm▲▲▲
If you want a good spot to get some sun. If you want a bed. If you want a table. I suggest you get there early because they fill up fast. AND IT’S FREE!!!

DJ Blends (real hip hop)
DJ Anti Hero (funk and good stuff)
DJ Yoshi (take a deep house excursion)
DJ Marcus Aurelius (classic hip-hop and the kitchen sink
Bounce Girlz (Electro/moombhaton/dubste​p)

~~~~~Havana 5 (July 30)~~~~~
Hosted by LEO37
DJ Zulu (World Funk) accompanied by former Brown Sugar sax player Kevin Mauder
DJ Marcus Aurelius

~~~~~Havana 6 (Aug6)~~~~~
To be confirmed

The Taipei Country Club sits in the hills overlooking Taipei, just a stone’s throw from 101. Surrounded by lush green forests and fresh air. So come escape the hectic city and relax by the pool. Get the MRT to Taipei City Hall (Blue/Bannan line). Go to exit #2 and get the #5 blue bus up the hill straight to the Taipei Country Club.

Women NT$250
Men NT$350

Open 11am till 9pm

Taipei Country Club: No1 Qing Yun Street:信義區青雲街1號

Come make Havana a big part of the best summer of your life.

Dates left:
August 20, 27
September 3, 17

Say hey there

Is that a snake on your head or are you just happy to see me?

The most relaxing place in all of Taipei city

And more right here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150312560400908.381315.219813825907

If Mr. Vigar’s pool party pics can’t get you in the mood to come to the pool this weekend, I don’t know what can


Havana Pool Party 5 tomorrow…weather is looking good. water is cool. drinks are refreshing. come on out. here’s the schedule:

1-2.30 DJ Zulu (world funk assisted by former Brown Sugar saxophone player Kevin Mauder)
2.30-3.30 Marcus Aurelius (pool party classics)
3.30-5 DJ Baer (that good good hip to the hop)
5-7 DJ Nina (house music that makes your booty shake and bounce)
7-9 DJ Code (Techno for your mind and soul)

hosted by the master of the microphone LEO37

This was the amazing 17 woman chicken fight. It was brutal but yet tender. There will be one of these at each of the last five parties. Do come.

Event is here http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=261492527197498

not postponed

wow~looks brilliant~hope I have day off to go…