Have a look at this map

What strikes you first when you look at this world map:

that “Google Earth” has little to fear from their new Chinese competitors “China Earth”…

It has California as an island.
Italy is not shaped like a boot.
Florida is missing.
And they have oh so conviently not shown the hole at the North Pole that leads to Inner Earth.

and its in Chinese…

Australia is not quite to scale

There’s a big rectangular island in the middle of, erm… some ocean.

Europe and America are the wrong way round (Compared to what I was brought up with).

My God!! The Ancient Chinese invented a time machine to travel 50 million years into the future and report back what changes have been brought about by plate tectonics

[quote]This is the way the World may look like 50 million years from now!

18F050v4.jpg (127477 bytes)

If we continue present-day plate motions the Atlantic will widen, Africa will collide with Europe closingthe Mediterranean, Australia will collide with S.E. Asia, and California will slide northward up the coast to Alaska.[/quote]


[quote]Plate tectonics is still an active process, and will drastically reshape the face of the Earth over the next 50 million years or so. A few consequences of plate tectonics based on projections of present motion include:

* Portions of California will separate from the rest of North America.

* The Italian "boot" will disappear[/quote]

Though our modern scientists seem to be amiss with their predictions for Australia- Maybe John Howard (still serving) will have devised this as the final solution to the refugee problem

Taiwan is the centre of the world?

The UK is a make-believe land from a fairytale? (I don’t see it on the map)

I assume you’re referring to the positioning of China in the center, unlike Western maps. Take a look at a modern map next time you’re in a stationery store – they’re still drawn from that perspective today.

Lowering the tone a little, the first thing that struck me is that it looks like a very round pair of buttocks. :idunno:

With a nasty-looking rash. You’re strange, Taffy.

With a nasty-looking rash. You’re strange, Taffy.[/quote]

It’s a birthmark. Don’t you know it’s rude to stare? :raspberry:

That’s what I was going to say, but I was going to use the word Arse.

It’s crap.

If it is a pair of buttocks, what is Papua-New Guinea?

That’s what I was going to say, but I was going to use the word Arse.[/quote]
ditto, though I was going to add “that needs a good scrubbin’.”

If you want to create a fake map proving that your country was the first to discover all the continents of the world ages ago, you won’t draw it perfectly. You’ll purposely draw it it with mistakes. But, there are things on the map (the rivers for instance) that are too detailed. It may be relatively easy to draw the shapes of the continents, but not all those river are navigable and what about all the tribes living there.

Antartica is also drawn. That’s a little too much. I’ve swallowed all the lies I can swallow, and I’m never going to swallow this one.

I think I’ve seen this before.

I wonder when was this made? 1500-1600s? Maybe an ignorant guess; it seems China gathered this together from explorations themselves of the Pacific and less detailed information from trades with the west.

Is this the map that Gavin Menzies was talking about in his “history” book 1421: The Year China Discovered the World? In that case I remember the date given for the map was the mid-eighteenth century (but it’s supposedly a copy of a fifteenth century Chinese map :unamused:). Did Chinese explorers round the northern coast of Greenland before anyone else? Did they discover Antartica, California, the Bering Straits? It’s an absolute load of shit (see, we’re back on the arse theme - TomHill would be proud).

A possiblity. Thru trade–with the Jesuits or people before–maps could have gone around. The Chinese don’t need to travel there to get the information; it could have been brought to them.