Have a Thailand Lonely Planet? Please help!

Hi. If you have a current TLP and a scanner, could you please scan the map of Trang Town and send it to me? The details of the map I found online are too small to print well, and my Rough Guide doesn’t contain that map :frowning:

Sorry, Mod, I realize this is a slightly illegal request, but I JUST need that one little map!



I have a Lonely Planet Thailand, but no scanner. If I can help , let me know.

Is this the map you are looking for?


I have that one, but thanks. The one I’m looking for is actually of Trang Town, not the province. I did find a map of the town online, but it’s too detailed to print readably.

Actually, I’ve already been there twice, so I’m not in desperate need. Just have a little time to kill in the town, so I want to tool around there for the day and see what’s to see.