Have any of you seen a career counselor?

I have a bit of a career dilemma where I have been building & transitioning toward a stable, civil service career in my home country but was just approached by a headhunter to return to Asia at four times the salary.

Had thought my Asia days were over and was transitioning out of that industry. My goals were security and pension.

But with this new wrinkle, am torn and thinking maybe a career counselor is something to consider. Have any of you seen one and found it useful?

A career counselor has ended up in a career as a career counselor. Ponder on that.


I’d get the offer in writing first. Then deliberate on whether you want to take it.


This isn’t really a career dilemma. It’s a priority dilemma.
What’s actually important to you? Could the proposed job be a means to expedite your security? Would it be at the cost of your sanity, would it be high-stress and aggravate your health? Is it something that actually interests you, and you’re resistant because it wasn’t “part of the plan”?
Some questions for you to ponder!
You can also make a pros & cons list for each path, and weigh them against each other.

Ultimately, you’re the only one who can answer your question as to whether it’s right for you. Something will just click, or feel right.

I’m actually starting a life coaching business, so if you want to talk about it more, shoot me a message!

(And yes, I’ve also thought of the irony of a career counselor’s position… and yet. They’re helpful!)


Yeah, I was being a bit flippant there, but unless said counselor has a great deal of experience in a wide variety of industries, I think the only value a career counselor can offer is simply being a brain to bounce ideas off. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it’s probably something a moderately intelligent friend can do for free.


I did once about 10 years ago and it was as useful as an inflatable dartboard.

Maybe other career counselors are better, and she just sucked at her job… but it put me off the whole thing for good.


With the current state of the Internet, I can’t begin to fathom why anyone would pay money for

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I was made redundant in 1999 and part of the package was a career advisor. I asked for advice about starting an online business plan I had and he literally laughed. I don’t blame him for my lack of balls, though. It was just a bit of a depressing experience dealing with someone so clearly going through the motions.


I’ve had some negative experiences. Even gave me bad advice that set me back. I would find people in that industry and have been in similar situation to give you some insights instead.


At least you had your ID going for you. Have you done well in Asia?

I moved to Asia long after that. I’ve done so so.

Everything looks bigger there than it should, so Cheers.

Small hands.

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I know classroom teachers who moved over to CC. They love it. The future is full of hope and promise…just not theirs.


Ouf, well if nothing else this has been an eduaction on how CC are viewed. Lol

Thanks for the insights & extra special thanks to Britt!

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CC if they’re any good can offer steps to get you somewhere on purpose. They aren’t there to inflate your ego or rewrite your resume.

I say give it a go. You don’t have to do what they suggest. :idunno: