Have any of you worked for Kojen or Hess?

I am planning to come to Taiwan (Taipei) to teach English and have been told that Kojen and Hess are some of the better places to teach. I have heard some good things about both chains, but have been told that quality can really vary by the particular school. Have you had any experiences working for either chain and have any of you worked in their adult program?

My plan is to arrive mid May and probably stay at a hostel the first few weeks until I can locate a job and apartment.

Any comments would be much appreciated.


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Wow, thanks for all the links. Theres a LOT of information and opinions out there. You start to go a little crazy after awhile reading through them all. Ill continue to check the Forumosa and Daves ESL Cafe forums, but I think Im not going to really have a complete grasp on things until I actually get to Taiwan and get some teaching experience under my belt there.

My other thought that I aluded to in the subject line involves the students Id be teaching in Taiwan. My preference is teaching adults and although I know there are a lot more opportunities working with kids, Im wondering if there are many teachers out there who have worked mainly with adult students. Can teachers choose to work in the adult program at Kojen or Hess (or other schools who also teach adults) or is it more of a “take what they give you” situation?

Thanks for the feedback.