Have any teachers had the same experience during job interviews when Covid-19 started?

I don’t know what it is going on. I am a Taiwanese who lived many years in Europe, and few years in USA. I moved back in 2013. I don’t work as a full-time English teacher. I have my own online business, and I also make a living by renting 2 of my properties in Taiwan. My family also has a Logistic Company in USA. But, I do like to do subs or teach part-time as an ESL teacher. I taught different levels and ages of ESL students, including adults. It has been 9 years until the Covid-19 started. I remember the schools used to contact me almost every week during those 9 years. They would give me many hours. Sometimes, I would decline the offers because I didn’t have time. Since the Covid-19 started, not many schools contacted me. But, they keep calling me for DEMOS. They record all my demos without my consent. Additionally, they never give me hours to teach. They told me they liked my classes. But, they don’t want me to work there. At least, they can tell me what they want. It is nothing like those 9 years I worked for many schools. I may not be the best teacher. But, I remember I did DEMOS at cram schools, and the schools used to get at least 20 students registering at the same day. I taught IELTS and all my students got the scores they wanted. I don’t care if they don’t hire me. But, I don’t wish they call me just to record my demos. I don’t see many students at their cram schools. That means they can’t afford teachers. If they can’t pay the teachers, then I don’t see any revelance to contact me. I just did many unpaid teaching jobs since Covid-19 started. Because some schools would ask me to do 3 demos for an hour. Again, I should have declined. I don’t even need to work for them. You may ask why I still go even I don’t need s teaching job. Well, I remember the feeling was great during those 9 years when I was respected as a teacher. I was paid “on time”, and received a lot of compliments from students and parents. When you can receive an extra income and people respect you, you never feel you want to quit. I think my question is important because I understand the Covid-19 has affected many businesses. At the same time, I don’t think the cram schools should fool people as well.



Sounds shady

They can use the demo videos for online classes, very low overhead for them


Sorry to hear that you have to deal with this


Yep. I am not updated about the current situation at cram schools. There are many online teaching Companies since the Covid-19 started. But, do they really record the Demo videos to show to the students who are paying for online classes? It is totally rubbish because you can’t use one video for everyone. The students are not looking for the same thing. Just imagine a student who wants to learn some Essay writing skills, and they show them a video of a DEMO for small children who are just starting learning few words.

Yup, but that doesn’t mean it doesnt happen


If that’s how they treat you, they don’t deserve the time of day. :judge:


I have been to 100 places. They all do the same thing. lol

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If a demo is getting recorded and if you don’t have open work rights, things could get messy. Why would anyone record a demo?


I wish I could have an answer. Why do they need them?

Certainly not for your benefit.


I hope those schools read this thread. I want them to stop fooling people. Because they think it is not a loss when they just ask people to do DEMOs. Yes, it is definitely a waste of time and money. Because teachers will need to spend on gas and transportation. Sometimes, they need to print the materials. It sounds like not too much. But, how about 100 demos? It is a loss specially when they don’t hire people, but still record their materials.

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I think if they have any problems with my teaching (I doubt they do). They could ask me to watch their classes. So, I will know what they really want me to do. The only time I was asked to watch someone’s class was the first teaching job because I didn’t have any experience. After this, no schools let me to watch the classes. They only record my materials.

I have observed a number of classes. I was surprised that many of the teachers were using YouTube videos instead of leading the phonics chants themselves. My thought was - what is the use of having a native teacher if the class simply watches a video?

My first online class with the school required a demo after my class suddenly went online because of a positive student. I led the phonics chant and one of the bosses said I should use a video instead. WTF?

Weeks later my class is observed. The class was exploring music and I had a video of a professional drum circle leader leading a drum game. I get called out by the same boss who told me to use a video because I use the video of the drum circle pro leading the drum circle game instead of me leading the game myself.

Simply retarded.


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It’s highly unlikely that they read any thing on this site. Furthermore, they don’t care. It’s all about short term gain. Very typical of most cram schools.

Slightly off topic, but have you ever had a positive experience with a school, managers, or colleagues?


I’m American but that doesn’t make me unique. I’m unique just like everyone else. Everyone has different experiences. Because of everything I’ve experienced I’d say I am different/unique. Each one if us is incredibly unique.

I am odd but that certainly doesn’t make me unique in the foreigner community in Taiwan.

I’m an idiot but that doesn’t make me unique in the foreigner community in Taiwan.

I sing like a woman but that doesn’t make me unique.

I am quite funny looking but that certainly doesn’t make me unique in the foreigner community in Taiwan.

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You’re extremely rude, but that doesn’t make you unique amongst foreigners in Taiwan.


Also self obsessed, another trait of many here. Me, I, me, me ,me, I.


It occurs to me, as I read this thread, that some folks are geared to be institutionally minded—working for the group, whether it’s a company, a school, the church, the military, and so on.

Others are more like strong willed individualists who would, I believe, be happier doing their own thing, being the boss, running a business or company.

Some folks can do both, but I suspect most of us lean in one direction.

I suppose part of being happy is figuring this out, and making our talents work best.



Well of course I am.

I put new tires and brakes on my scooter for my safety.

I put new tires on the car for the safety of my family.

I bought new gym clothes yesterday after going to the gym.

I cut my hair Friday and trimmed my beard.

I keep my fingernails clipped.

I wear a mask.

I brush my teeth.

I eat good food and don’t eat junk food.

Of course I am self absorbed.

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