Have ARC but girlfriend wants to come

I’ve recently been posted to Taiwan for work and given the ARC for a year. My girlfriend, who is Singaporean, wants to come along but clearly, she does not have a job yet but is open to look for one. She does have a degree but not really keen to teach. The options I have seen so far are:

  1. Do a visa run every 30 days. Singaporean has 30 days Visa free but she’ll need to go out and every month
  2. Come on tourist visa and look for job. This seems like the easiest but where’s a good place to look for a job?
  3. Study visa - come and do a mba but may take too long to do and we’re staying only a year
  4. Find a new girlfriend! Ok this might be the easiest but is there any options?

she cannot get a dependent ARC because you are not married to her.

she cannot work without a college degree
and related experience.

best bet is to enroll in Chinese studies
and get the ARC on that basis.

biggest danger to your relationship are all the pretty girls in Taiwan.

In my observation, this is an overstatement. There aren’t as many obese ones, but that’s about it.

Ha spend 13 years living in the bay area and you may think different (provided you especially like TW girls in the first place). :slight_smile: