Have ARC, changing jobs, need help

I’m getting mixed information from my new job, old job, and Tealit http://www.tealit.com/article_categories.php?section=arcs&article=changing and I was wondering if someone knows what to do.

I had an ARC through a buxiban for several years, at the end of last semester I told them I wouldn’t be coming back. I’ve changed to a job in a publishing company. They will be supporting my ARC now. How do I make the change?

Tealit says: Sign contract cancellation with school. They will mail cancelation notice to Central Labor Agency, who will mail it to National Immigration Agency. I have till it gets there to apply for a new work permit.

New company says: Give them a letter (English and Chinese) saying my old school and I cancel our contract. They’ll apply for a work permet. Not sure about the ARC yet.

Old school says: They didn’t seem to know what to do. They said they didn’t know about cancelling it, which is odd because I asked them not to cancell it until I found a new job and they agreed. They gave me the documents I asked for (letter saying we cancelled contract), but seemed to think that was the end of it.

I’m just worried things will get messed up and I’ll not have an ARC and have to make a visa run. Can anyone tell me what’s the deal?